Wild Place

This week Year 4 went on a trip to Wild Place. We went to see the endangered animals and to find out more about how the people there look after them. We saw Zebra, Okapi, Lemurs, Red River Hogs and Wolves to name a few! It was really good to see the pack of wolves as we have been writing about them in literacy.

IMG_0443 IMG_0454


We also took part in a learning session called, ‘Marvellous Madagascar’. We learnt about how habitat loss is affecting the animals on the island and how we could help protect the rainforests by buying products with the FSC logo. We also got to hold a live cockroach!IMG_0371 IMG_0401

We had great fun and learnt lots at the same time!

Printing in Year 4

This week in year 4 we have been looking at patterns in natural and built up environments. After taking pictures of patterns we observed around the school, we went back to class and sketched these into our books. Next we used some string to make a printing block of our designs. IMG_0300IMG_0307


Then we painted our printing blocks. We repeated our patterns onto card. We had to be careful to make sure that our work didn’t smudge! We think our abstract designs are very effective. The children had great fun doing this and enjoyed analysing the finished pieces of work.

IMG_0312 IMG_0315 IMG_0316 IMG_0330 IMG_0343