Freezing in Antarctica!

This term in Year 6, we have been studying the third Antarctic expedition of legendary explorer, Ernest Shackleton. We have learned new survival skills such as semaphore and have conducted detailed research into Antarctica’s climate and fauna.

This week, each class has dramatized key events from this eventful journey across the ice and presented these to the class as freeze frames. It was sometimes quite emotional to think about the conditions these men had to survive in for over two years! Luckily, every man on the expedition was saved. We have been applying Shackleton’s family motto to our learning every day: “Through endurance we conquer”.

Freeze frame cropped

Kyle, Morgan, Lydia and Tyler working hard to break the ice which trapped their ship, Endurance.


The Americas

Our topic in year 5 this term is ‘The Americas’.

Native Americans used to dye their clothes and Tepees using berries. In year 5 we replicated this in an investigation to see whether leaving cotton in dye for different amounts of time affected the amount of colour that is absorbed.

First we needed to break down the cellulose in the fruit, this is what makes it rigid and gives it its strength. There are three ways of doing this; freezing, cooking and crushing. We used all three of these methods and then added some hot water to the solution.

Next, we had to sieve the pulp to remove any pips. This would have been a time consuming job for the Native Americans!


Here are our results.




We really enjoyed being scientists!

Back to school!

This week in Year 4 we have been learning to write a tale of fear. We spent the first part of the week learning the story, ‘Adventure at Sandy Cove.’ We read the story, pulling it apart to learn the features and the structure. Following this, we created a story map as a class so that we could perform the whole story just by looking at the pictures! We then wrote the story ourselves, using only the pictures and the plans we had made. As you can see, the children produced a huge amount of well presented work and were extremely proud of their efforts. What a great start to the new school year!