Rights, Responsibilities and Remembrance.

Our topic this term is called ‘Rights, Responsibilities and Remembrance’ and is based around the book Stay Where You Are and Then Leave, a novel about a boy from London whose father leaves to fight in World War One. We had a fabulous Bang Day where we played party games from the era such as Shove Ha’penny and Penny Drop. We also created some remembrance inspired art (pictured).


We have been studying war poetry and as a year group we have produced some excellent poetry of our own. We have also been looking at other cultural aspects of the early 20th century like the struggle for women’s rights and the Suffragette movement. We have analysed propaganda from the era are currently creating our own persuasive posters too, with some fantastic results!


We have been lucky to have Miss Robbins teaching groups and whole classes with a focus on writing. We have been looking at writing a historical rags to riches tale which will include foreshadowing and a flashback.


Maths work has focussed on division and fractions.


The tempo looks set to remain high in the run up to Christmas; we have our carol concert at Clifton Cathedral on Friday 4th December. Not only will we be singing with around one thousand other children from across the county, but ten of our children have been chosen to perform a reading during the service. On top of that, we have a further two concerts at school with Year 5 which parents and carers are very welcome to attend. These are on Monday 7th December (9.15am) and Tuesday 8th December (2pm). Rehearsals are well under way and the children are sounding fabulous! More details to follow.

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Making totem poles in year 5

Last week, year 5 looked at the purpose of totem poles and their spiritual meaning to families in America. We researched the different animals which represented different personality traits and chose the one that best suited us.

Next we went to the design stage. We looked at the key physical features of the animal we chose and incorporated these into our designs. We had to think very carefully about how we would be able to contruct this out of card.

We began building our totem poles using kitchen roll, masking tape and cardboard boxes to create the main features. After this, we had to cover our designs in kitchen roll and PVA glue to prepare a base for painting. Finally, we ensured they were painted traditionally and displayed them as collaborative totem poles to represent our classes.

We think they are very effective and the children are incredibly proud of their hard work. Thank you parents for providing us with plenty of boxes to complete our project!









Invasion and Union

In year 4, our topic this term is called Invasion and Union. To introduce our topic, we had a bang afternoon where we tried our hand at lots of different activities.

Each activity focused on an invader of England. We wrote our name in Viking Runes, researched Norman castles and also made and painted an Anglo-Saxon shield, as well as many more activities!

The children worked brilliantly in their teams and are really excited to learn more about the invaders!







“It was fun because we got to learn about Normans, Saxons and Vikings!” – Lucy

“I enjoyed creating the Saxon shield and writing our names in Viking runes! – Brooke

Iron man!


“How far had he walked? Nobody knows. Where had he come from? Nobody knows. How was he made? Nobody knows.”


This week, Year Three have begun our new topic all about ‘The Iron Man’. During our reading lessons, we have been reading the opening where we meet the Iron Man on the top of a very tall cliff.

On our Bang Day we used our DT skills to design and create a class Iron Man made from recycled materials (thanks to all the parents who contributed!).

Firstly, we watched a BBC animation of ‘The Iron Man’ and looked at lots of different illustrations to give us inspiration.

Then, we looked at the range of materials to decide which would be the best suited for each body part.

After that, we designed our own version of ‘The Iron Man’ by sketching and labelling which material we would use for each body part.

After break, we divided ourselves into teams and chose a body part to make. We had to use good listening and speaking skills in order to work efficiently as a team. Our teachers were so impressed at how well we all worked together!

When we had finished all the separate parts, Mr Marshall helped us to construct our final designs. They were so tall, he even had to use a step ladder!

We decided to give our Iron Men a home in the stair well because they were so enormous. We are all very proud of our achievements and thoroughly enjoyed the day!

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