Year 1 Art

Henri Matisse and Piet Mondrian have been the inspiration for some bright and skillful pieces of art in Year One this week.

Both artists used primary colours or contrasting colours on the colour wheel to create their art.

We had to draw, cut and stick very carefully to get the desired effect.  You will be able to see our stained glass windows shining though our classroom windows for the whole of next week.

Mondrian inspired stained glass windows:


Christmas has arrived in Reception!

Now that it is December, we have started to think about Christmas. We have learned about and performed the Nativity to our parents and the school. We were absolutely amazing and managed to remember all of our lines and what we needed to do.

Pic 1

We have turned our role-play area into Santa’s workshop and have been practising wrapping presents, which has meant that we have had to do some problem solving.

Pic 2

We have also been writing lists and letters to Santa about the things that we would like to have for Christmas (if we are lucky and Santa has them in his workshop!).


It has been great to share some of our family Christmas traditions.

“I’ve got two Christmas trees. One is in the living room and one in the hallway. One has sparkly lights, they change colours, and the other ones don’t they just stay yellow.”

“I’ve got my Christmas tree already. We got lights on the window and in the tree. I decorated it with my mum and my dad.”