Ground Control this is Reception!

Our new topic is Space. We have been finding out lots of information about space and our solar system.

Ryan said, “The Sun is very hot and it is made up of fire. It’s a star. The Moon is round. You can’t live on the Moon because you would just float away, as there is no air. Saturn has 7 rings around it. Stars are tiny and along way, away.”

Pic 1

We have been writing sentences about space.

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Pic 3

Our role play is now a spaceship. We have explored being Tim Peake and have had exciting missions where we have been invaded by aliens and our ship has crashed.

Pic 5
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Look at our fantastic space inspired art work!



Year 6 – Considering the impact of humans on the environment.

This term, year 6 has been considering the impact of humans on the environment. We have been reading two texts which explore this theme:

Cover 1

‘Varmints’ tells the story of a world where the only sounds to be heard were the buzzing of bees in the grass, the murmuring of moles in the earth, and the song of birds in the sky. These warmed the hearts of those who cared to listen – until the others came to fill the sky with a cacophony of noise. With dramatically lit artwork and a spare, intriguing text, Varmints tells of a pastoral world in need of protection and of the souls who love it enough to ensure its regeneration.

Cover 2

‘Floodland’ tells the story of Zoe, a young girl who has been left alone to fight for survival in a not so futuristic England which has been covered by water, leaving only a few areas still inhabitable. Alone and desperate among marauding gangs, she manages to dig a derelict boat out of the mud and gets away to Eels Island. But Eels Island is full of danger too……We can’t say any more as we don’t want to spoil the events for our classes!


Alongside these texts, we have been honing our map-reading and orienteering skills in geography, starting to explore chemical reactions in science and next week we will begin our next story-writing unit based around a character flaw tale.

Last term, we looked beyond our own planet and spent Science Week considering whether it would be possible to colonise another planet. The children got to grips with the key elements of the atmosphere by creating wonderful models using empty bottles and a range of foods to represent the different gases. We also spent a superb morning at the University of the West of England exploring the forces involved in air and water travel, and designed and refined our own aeroplanes and sailing vessels. Kyle Hardwidge in Woodpecker class was crowned the king of engineering when his plane flew over 14 metres!

This term we are getting excited about exploring all things Shakespeare in week three, where the children will be looking at a whole range of Shakespeare’s work and getting to grips with his archaic language. Seeing everyone dressed up for World Book Day on Thursday 3rd will be a wonder to behold!


Our weekly art and textiles sessions with Mr Jeanes and Mrs Hawkins have been following our topic and the children have produced consistently brilliant work. Here are the works of art produced based on ‘Varmints’:

Book 1
Book 2

Safer internet day

Today (5th February) at Kings’ Forest we are celebrating safer internet day. Online safety is an important part of our school curriculum. An increasing amount of children are using devices such as phones, tablets and computers to access the internet so to help your child stay safe online we follow the SMART rules.

SMART rules

To help you in discussions with your child about online safety, we have attached a list of links that provide advice in areas such as online gaming, setting up parental controls and using safety tools on social networking.


Vodaphone digital parenting.


Think U Know

Safer internet centre

Child exploitation and online protection centre


It would benefit your child greatly if you could have a conversation around this topic. If you have any issues or require any further support, please don’t hesitate to contact the school.


Enjoy the holidays!