Investigating soil in Year 3.

This week Year Three have been using their scientific skills to investigate different types of soils in our school environment.We wrote questions that we wanted to find out about soils and then took soil samples from different areas of the school grounds.We conducted initial observations including what the soil looked like, what it felt like, what it smelt like and what extra bits and pieces we found!

Soil 1

Afterwards, we tested our soil using a branching database to find out which type of soil we had.We found out that the main type of soil in our grounds was silty. We also have sandy and clayey soil but no loamy soil.

It was great fun to have a hands-on experience of testing soils, especially getting our hands very dirty!

Soil 3
Soil 2



Inspirational people

Over the last couple of weeks, we have completed our Great Fire of London topic which ended with an explosive finale where we set fire to our Tudor houses!

We have now started our topic on Inspirational People and the children have created some fantastic homework telling us who is inspirational to them. In class we have also been learning about inspirational people such as Florence Nightingale, Kandinsky and William Shakespeare. In reading, we are enjoying the Magic Finger by Roald Dahl.

Jake and Abigail in Squirrel class created some excellent pieces of homework based on our Inspirational People topic. Jake chose Roger Hargreaves as his inspirational person and gave a brilliant presentation on him, and Abigail made an amazing Golden Ticket to share with us.

Pic 1
Pic 2

Here is a picture of Emily, Emily, Denny, Violet, Jasmine and Evie from Hedgehog class. They are becoming birds, just like the characters in the Magic Finger!

Pic 3 edit

Finally, here is a picture of our Inspirational People display board in Hedgehog class. Our favourite authors inspire us to become better writers!

Pic 4

Year 5 go to Kidzania!

Last Friday, year 5 travelled to London for their trip to Kidzania. The children were extremely excited but also exceptionally well behaved throughout the day. On arrival, the children were given 50 kidzos (kidzania currency) and the challenge to earn 75 kidzos which meant they could then open their own bank account. This was a big ask as the children had to have the self-restraint not to spend all their money on trinkets, activities and drinks! Lola-Mae rose to the challenge and was the first to open her own bank account – well done Lola-Mae! The children had to get themselves jobs to earn money and after a bit of encouragement we had delivery men and women, pilots, DJs and air conditioning engineers to name a few. It was great to see the children being independent learners and being responsible for their own time management.

Many children went to university and were accredited with a degree, something many now aspire to do in reality. The children were beyond enthusiastic about the best trip they have ever been on, here is what they said:-

“I’ve just been paid for my first job!” Elliott

“Can I go and have some more fun now?” Sophia

“I’ve got my pilot wings!” Gracie. C

“I’ve graduated!!” Jay

After a long day of hard work, the children collapsed onto the coach and some enjoyed a little sleep! Well done for excellent behaviour, showing eagerness to try new things and persevering.

Below are just a few of our photos from the day.