The Rotten Romans!

This topic in year 3, we are learning about the Romans. For our bang day, we played games with Roman numerals, researched in groups different aspects of Roman life and even had the opportunity to hot seat Marc Antony!

We also designed and made Roman shields. We learnt that their designs included at least one line of symmetry and were usually a bold design of one or two colours. They often depicted scenes from Roman myths and symbolised power and strength.


In reading, we are learning Roman myths in greater detail. So far we have read ‘Romulus and Remus’ and ‘The Man Who Cut Down Trees’. These are both particularly gruesome in places and we are enjoying them very much!

In art, we have designed Roman mosaics. We know that the Romans cut small pieces of stone into squares which were called tesserae. They often re-told famous stories or showed battle scenes. Only the richest Romans could afford a very detailed mosaic.

For our English lessons, we have been writing warning tales in the style of a Roman myth. We have been focusing on writing using simple, compound and complex sentences as well as using a range of adverbs and prepositions.


This term in year 4, our topic is Survival. During our first week we have been looking at a variety of animals, focusing on the adaptations they have in order to help them survive in their particular environments. We looked at how the polar bear has white fur for camouflage and how the camel can close its nostrils to stop any sand blowing up its nose!

For our bang day, we decided to help the wildlife closer to home by creating bird feeders.

In Buzzard class, we made bird feeders using lard, bird seed, raisins and cheese. We grated the cheese and mixed all the ingredients together. We weren’t too sure about the feel of it on our hands! Then we made a hole in the bottom of the cup and threaded string through it. We then filled the cup with the ingredients so we could hang it up. At the end of the day, we took ours home to hang outside. The children were very excited to see which birds are going to visit!

In Mole class, we made bird food kebabs. We threaded apple, bread, raisins and cheese onto flower arranging wire, twisted it into a circle then used string to hang it up. We placed ours in the trees around the school. It has been great to see the food disappearing throughout the week! Finally, we spent some time in the playground looking at and creating some habitats for the local wildlife.

Next week we are going on our school trip to Wild Place. It will be great to see some of the animals we have been studying close up and examine the adaptations they have!




Looking at changes in year 5

On Wednesday, year 5 had their bang day for their new topic, changes. We started off by looking at health and safety around food preparation and storage. We discussed microorganisms and how they can sometimes be helpful, but at other times be harmful. We also looked at possible career choices which involve change; including chefs, scientists and gardeners to name a few. We looked at the work of Heston Blumenthal, an untrained chef who owns a restaurant which has 3 Michelin stars! He is really creative when cooking and we looked at dishes including earl grey salmon, meat bread and nitrogen ice cream!


Next, we started baking! We had to mix flour, sugar, salt and yeast to water and olive oil to create a dough. We had to knead until it was elastic and smooth and then leave it in a bowl to prove for an hour. During this time, the yeast fermented the sugar and excreted carbon dioxide and alcohol. This created gas bubbles which caused the dough to rise and become light and airy. After an hour, we rolled the dough into sausages and split them into individual rolls. Miss Fish and Miss Guest, along with some help from Ms Porter, cooked the rolls during lunch ready to be tasted in the afternoon. Everybody thought they were delicious and the best bread they had ever tasted.


We also planted sunflowers which we will keep a close eye on over the term and photograph every day. We will then create time lapse videos of our sunflowers which we will edit and refine in the last week of term.


Finally, in the afternoon, we made flowers out of clay. It was really tricky but great fun and we learnt lots of new techniques such as pinching, rolling, etching and cross hatching.


Overall year 5 had an amazing bang day!

“Thank for the best day ever!” Enan

“I didn’t want to be a cook before, now I want to be a baker!” Noah

“The bread tastes awfully delicious,” Seren

“I can’t wait to see the sunflowers grow,” Sophia

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