How does your Garden grow?

In Year One this week we have been focusing on writing instructions. In preparation for writing instructions we have had a go at planting our own seeds. We were very good at following our instructions and really enjoyed working together. First of all we used the trowels to scoop up the soil. We then put the soil and seed into our pots. We were incredibly careful when we poured the water over our seed. We are looking forward to looking after our plants and watching them grow over the next few weeks.


Reception – Our First Full Week!

Wow! We did it!  All children in, all day, all week!  What a great start to the year we’ve made.  In our mathematical learning, we have been exploring patterns of size and colour.  We have copied, continued and created our own patterns using 2 colours or 2 different sizes.

We have also been learning about 2D shapes and their properties. We have started using the vocabulary of sides and vertices to describe a rectangle, square, triangle or circle.  Some of us spotted some shapes outside in the playground.   Can you find any at home?



Hedgehogs in Year 2

Last week in Year 2, our topic got off to an exciting start with a visit from Hedgehog Rescue! Yvonne, who rescues and rehabilitates hedgehogs came to speak to the children and taught them lots about the small, spiky animals. The children listened brilliantly and asked relevant questions to learn more about them.

After the event, the children wrote down some of their favourite parts of the visit and thought about how they could look after hedgehogs in the future.


“I found out that baby hedgehogs are called Hoglets.” – Maddy

“I found out that hedgehogs can’t see very well.” – Oliver

“My favourite part was when the hedgehog rolled into a ball.” – Leo

“To look after a hedgehog, you must give it water and dog food.” – Riley W