Space Explorers!

On Tuesday 22nd November The Explorer Dome came into school and Year 3 were lucky enough to have the opportunity to have expert help on hand to aid their learning about space.


The dome was set up in the hall and each class took turns to experience a Light Show which allowed us to identify all the planets and stars in a spectacular way. Alongside this we learnt many new and interesting facts about the Sun, the stars and of course the planets in our solar system.


Here are some facts learnt by the children in their own words…….

“We learnt that in space, stars blow up but we don’t hear them because they are so far away.”

“There is only one star in the solar system which is the sun.”

“There were magnificent lights in there for the stars.”


It was a great morning full of learning!


Geography – Maps, Globes and Compasses

In Year One this week we have been focussing on using maps and globes. We explored the differences between them and were brilliant at spotting places that we had heard of. We were all able to identify where the United Kingdom was on a map and we even had a look on Google Earth. It was very exciting to zoom in and see our school on the map! All of us created fantastic maps of our own classroom. We also had a go at using compasses. It was a bit tricky and we learnt that we had to stand incredibly still whilst we were using them!


Bang Day in Reception!

We started our ‘Autumn to Winter’ topic off with a BANG! We went on an autumn walk and what we saw was incredible. We saw different coloured leaves, squirrels, mushrooms, seeds, conkers and pine cones. We have been exploring lots of different autumnal activities and events such as hibernating hedgehogs, inspecting leaves, making firework patterns and exploring Diwali.



Leaves fall off the trees in autumn. They’re different colours. Purple, yellow and orange in autumn” – Luca (Fox class)

I can see mushrooms on the ground”. – Harry (Fox class)


There are yellow leaves, red leaves and brown leaves”. – Olivia (Fox class)



Year 6 blog – Read All About It!

This blog entry has been written by two children in Woodpecker Class – thank you Brooke and Anandita for your hard work!

Our first bang day this year as based on our topic: Humans vs Nature. We had a brilliant time building survival shelters for lego men out on the field. We were only allowed to use the kind of items we would find in the wild, including twigs, leaves, string, clay and some tarpaulin material to make it a waterproof place for the lego men to live. Some of our shelters are still standing however some collapsed on the way back to the classroom!


We have been given lots of extra opportunities this year, including extra enrichment classes on Wednesday afternoons where we take part in textiles, art or booster learning. We swap these groups every term so that everyone will get the opportunity to take part in each activity twice. We also get extra peer to peer reading time every day – it’s great to share what we are reading with our friends. We also have the choice to go and read to an adult at break and lunch times for more practise and extra after-school clubs to practise some reading and maths skills even more. We love these as they really help us. We also earn a stamp for each session we attend and we need 20 stamps to get a place on the trip at the end of SATs’ week – some of us are nearly there already!

Our topic this term is: Lest We Forget. We are studying a book called ‘Stay Where You Are and Then Leave’ by John Boyne, which is set in the First World War. We are looking forward to learning all about how life was for people in wartime and our next Bang day which will be on Remembrance day which is a special day to remember all of the people who have died in wars over the years.


All of year 6 are looking forward to a trip to Clifton Cathedral in December where we will join with other schools to celebrate Christmas.



Brooke Johnson and Anandita Kumar.