Wow, what a term it has been! Our topic has been survival and it all began with a bang – ‘I’m a Kings’ Forester, Get Me Out Of Here!’ – the children were ‘stranded’ in different regions of the world and had to devise their own survival guide. Following this, we have learnt about different habitats, the equator and tropics, investigated the habitat of a woodlouse, read about the adaptations of various animals around the world and the impact of global warming, not to mention writing meeting tales and an explanation text on how to build a fire – all in the name of Survival.   Phew, we have had a very busy 6 weeks!


As part of our topic the children have been building their own bird boxes. This has been extremely enjoyable and a great opportunity to learn more about the survival of animals within our community.

To round the term off with an applause, Year 4 spent a day at Wild Place, learning about Madagascar and its indigenous animals. It was a fun-packed day seeing lemurs, wolves and meerkats, holding hissing cockroaches and having a very, VERY close encounter with some friendly(?) cheetahs.  All in all, it was a wonderful day and we were all happily exhausted by the end.  Most importantly, we got to learn more about the survival of some of the world’s most endangered species and what we can do to help.

This week in Year 3!

In Maths for the past two weeks we have been working on ‘Telling Time’. We have looked at both analogue and digital clocks. On Monday we thought about and practiced writing the time and identifying ‘past’ and ‘to’ the hour!

We had lots of fun drawing clocks on the tables with whiteboard pens!

In English we have been working on writing our own play script based on our class text, The Ice Palace.

The whole class were really engaged with these lessons and love the idea of writing and performing our own play.

We have been working together as a team in making decisions on how people will ‘deliver their lines’; how to understand and carry out ‘stage direction’ and also organising and gathering possible props that may be needed when we actually perform the finished play.

So, watch this space for news of the opening performance and production!