Science Week …… Changes!

Science Week 2017 started off with a bang – in particular several physical and chemical changes, which the children loved to see. The theme this year was Changes and each year group approached this in different but equally exciting and explorative ways.  Here are just a few snippets of our week…


Reception children explored the changes in the environment. The pupils studied the life cycle of a butterfly and grew our own cress and beans to predict and then conclude what happened when they start to grow.


Y1 were lucky enough to have a visit from a dad who works within the field of science. He talked to the pupils about his work as an engineer and helped them to explore techniques and materials that he uses.


Y2 used stethoscopes to investigate the way that their bodies change during and after exercise. Pulses were racing!


Y3 pupils made their own rocks and then explored how rocks erode into smooth pebbles using soap and a lot of shaking.


Y4 melted chocolate and experimented with different variables to see what made chocolate melt faster or slower. They even mummified some apples!


Y5 pupils were visited by a teacher from Mangotsfield Secondary School who came along with her microscopes to study plants.


Lots of fun and new things were learned by all!