Autumn begins…

We have started our Autumn to Winter topic with a bang! The children walked to Mangotsfield Station where we found autumnal objects and observed the changes in the trees since the summer. We even went on a bear hunt.


In Autumn, Sikhs and Hindus celebrate Diwali. We wanted the children to learn and experience some Diwali traditions. They made Diva lamps from clay and they had a visit from a family who showed them traditional clothing, headwear and decorations. We had lots of fun!


Year 6 blog

Our first topic this year is: Lest We Forget. We are studying a book called ‘Stay Where You Are and Then Leave’ by John Boyne, which is set in the First World War. We are looking forward to learning all about how life was for people in wartime; how women’s lives changed dramatically during the early 20th century; celebrating Remembrance Day and ending the year with a carol concert at Clifton Cathedral.

We had a brilliant time our first bang day this year experiencing different music from the era and we made old-fashioned lemonade – it was delicious but we were really surprised with how much sugar we needed to use! We also learned how to play games such as hopscotch, shove ha’penny, hot potato (ours was cold!), penny pitch and peg drop, as well as learning a verse and chorus from the song ‘Pack Up Your Troubles’. Our teachers kept us on our toes all day demanding to see our ID cards – if we didn’t have them we had to spend two minutes in ‘jail’ in the afternoon!

Year 6 have made an excellent start in their learning and are already taking up lots of opportunities for extra support – it is great to see so many attending these sessions both before and after school. Keep it Up!

Year 5

An exciting start to Year 5 included a wonderful Bang Day: samba drumming, testing our Brazilian football skills and tasting different fruits from around ‘The Americas’!
Samba drumming provided an opportunity to play various Brazilian instruments such as huge surdo drums, tuneful agogo bells and snappy tamborims. It was great fun and very LOUD! One year 5 child commented, “I think the other teachers wouldn’t have been happy if we did this in our normal classroom!” and we completely agree!
Brazilian football skills and food tasting certainly showed us how talented this year group is but also opinionated they are when trying different foods. Pineapple and papaya were popular, but physalis and sweet potato definitely received mixed reactions!
Following a great Bang Day, Year 5 had an opportunity to visit our local library to learn about what is inside and how we can use it. It was a very successful visit; thank you to Steph and the rest of the team at Kingswood library. Keep on reading!