Year 5


Year 5 have been involved in many practical science experiments this term, involving dissolving sodium chloride (salt) and sucrose (sugar) and even dying t-shirts using blueberries, which was inspired by the Native Americans who we are studying! This has enabled us to further develop our scientific knowledge and understanding of conducting fair tests.
In our topic lessons, Year 5 have been focusing on blues music (including influence on modern day music from this time period) and David Hockney’s paintings and his use of colour and perspective. Our trip to the Watershed Cinema to watch the documentary Landfill Harmonic was truly inspirational. The children enjoyed learning about a Paraguayan orchestra who shot to international fame playing instruments made from recycled materials. They used this as the subject for fantastic discussions in their Oracy lesson this week.


Year 4 investigation work

What a busy term we’ve had so far! Alongside our everyday learning, we have been planning and carrying out different investigations within Maths and Science.

We have been using our Science topic of Sound to investigate changing the pitch and frequency of an instrument. After discovering what pitch was (how high or low a sound is) we made our own kazoos out of ordinary drinking straws! Did you know the shorter you cut your straw the higher the note produced? WE DO!

Not only have we been incredible scientists but amazing mathematicians as well. This week we have started looking at fractions and already we have been able to show equivalent fraction families using a fraction wall and … CHOCOLATE.  It was a super day of learning and a yummy, tasty treat.



Year 2

In Year 2, we have been learning about ‘Inspirational People’. We were lucky enough to have a visit from a Police Officer who told us all about her job and inspired us to follow our dreams.


This term we are reading ‘The Enchanted Wood’ by Enid Blyton. We have been enjoying using Talk for Writing to learn the story and are looking forward to creating our own versions of it soon.

In Science we have been enjoying carrying out investigations outside. We have been learning about what humans and animals need in order to survive.


An explorer in Year 3

Our current topic is called Frozen, so far we have been learning about life in the Arctic Circle, which countries make up the Arctic Circle, the climate and the animals that live there. This week we were lucky enough to have an explorer from the University of Bristol come in and talk to us! Dr Kate Hendry has made many expeditions to the Arctic and the Antarctic where she studies algae and ice. We carried out an experiment to see if melting ice caused water levels to rise more at sea or by land. She also showed us many photos and answered all of our questions. Thank you so much for coming in, we learnt lots!

We have also recently visited We the Curious where we attended a workshop about magnets and forces. We tested a variety of materials to see if they were magnetic and carried out an experiment to see which surface made the best ramp for a car to drive down. It was our first trip on the new minibuses and we were excited to be using them!


We have also been busy making an igloo which we have been reading in, thank you to all the parent who sent in the milk bottles!


Science Week 2017 – Animals

Wow! As each class studied animals for this year’s Science Week, school was full of living creatures, from birds of prey, insects of many kinds, a guide dog and even a snake!

Each class was tasked to research their class animal and all children enjoyed doing this in different scientific ways. Y6 held a Battle of the Beaks to compare the effectiveness of different beak features; Y5 tested the strength of eggs; Y4 went on a mole dig and Y1 explored their senses to observe how nocturnal creatures are adapted to finding their prey in the dark. Plus much, much more.