Creativity in Year 4.

Who knew learning could be so creative? Well, Year 4 do! As well as being our usual genius selves we have been experimenting with our artistic talents (with the expert help of Mr Jeanes) in both Art and Maths.

We have been learning all about the artist M.C Escher and how he uses mathematical patterns in his artwork. Mr Jeanes has been teaching us how to draw realistic birds and fish to replicate the artwork of Escher. We have enjoyed perfecting our drawings so much, that soon we will be using our designs to create a printing block that will be used to construct our own tessellation pieces.  Not only have we been flaunting our artistic talents off in Art but it seems Escher has rubbed off on us, as we have been exploring the use of practical resources in Maths too!  Over the past couple of weeks we have been looking at shape and angles. In order to demonstrate our knowledge of angles we have made our very own acute, obtuse and right angles. It was so much fun testing our partners on the angle names! We can identify angles easily now. Go on, TEST US… we dare you!





Year 2 Bang Day

Last Thursday was Year 2’s ‘All Around the World Bang Day’. What a fantastic day we had!  Children were invited to bring in pictures and artefacts from different countries they have visited.  We had all sorts of wonderful items to share from different currency to special clothing and musical instruments.

We spent the morning in the hall where we watched part of The Riverdance as well as learning our own Irish dance.  Next the children all enjoyed listening to some Brazilian samba music before equipping themselves with the musical instruments and creating their own samba music. They all did a great job at listening to the rhythm and keeping to the correct beat of the music.  Finally in the hall we learnt to sing a call and response song called Toom-Bah-Lee-Ro which is an African song.  It was great to see everyone getting stuck in with all the activities and so many smiles on the children’s faces!




The afternoon was very exciting!  One activity was to make a pitta bread pizza.  Children chopped peppers in preparation and were able to select their favourite topping.  We hope they enjoyed eating them!  A particular favourite activity was tasting different foods from around the world.  All children had the opportunity to taste prawn crackers, poppadum’s, olives, chorizo, pomegranate, pain au chocolat, onion bhajis and vegetable samosas. Lots of children were very surprised to learn that they liked some of the foods they didn’t think they would!



Year 3 Bang day!


Happy New Year to all our readers!

First thing on the morning of our bang day, everybody came in excitedly and sat down with smiles on our faces, we were told what we were going to do during the morning.

We started by listening to the story of Ug, The Boy Genius of the Stone Age. He was an expert and he wanted soft trousers and not a hard bed.  Then we looked at a PowerPoint about how people lived in the Stone Age and went to build some houses outside on the windy field.

We had to build houses that were big and strong so that the wind couldn’t blow them over. We used stones, sticks, leaves, flowers and grass. We had the choice of building four different types of houses: a cave, a hut, a round house and a tepee. We built one in our groups of four or five, yet some of us built more than one! Some of us put the twigs into the mud using a stone like a hammer, just like the Stone Age people would have done. Unfortunately, after play time many of the houses needed rebuilding because the strong, bitterly cold wind had blown many of them down.

“It was hard because the wind kept on blowing it down.” Leo

“I found it easy because my team worked together.” Harvey




After lunchtime, our teachers told us we would be doing an activity about Stone Age cave paintings. We had to lie underneath the tables like we were in a cave and drew our pictures.



This was the best bang day ever!

Written by the children of Year 3 2018.