Year 3 trip

On our school trip, we went to Redwood Outdoor Learning Centre.



When we arrived, we put our wellies on and had a snack. After, we spilt up into our classes. Deer walked, jumped, ran or hopped down to the tree trunks and Bat squelched through the mud to the benches. We had a safety talk with the leaders. We learnt ‘No pick, no lick, careful with a stick’. This meant, don’t pick any flowers or berries, don’t lick your hands after picking things up and carry sticks carefully using the stick lid (you place your thumb on top of the stick).

Bat walked through the forest, while they walked they saw some toads. Then they ran down to a gate and back again in the mud. It was very slippery.

Most of Deer class ran up to the forest from the tree trunks. Then we stopped and we looked up at an oak tree which had acorns on. We searched the ground for other acorns.



Walking through the forest, we found a deer antler, a bug house with baby woodlouse, fungus, a badger skull and leg bone, a bird’s nest with egg shell in it, catkins, some rabbits hopping around, two buzzards and some worms. We learnt what people in the Stone Age would have used these items for.

In the forest, we made tepees and houses using long branches which we found on the floor. Deer had to watch out for the ‘swamp of doom’ which was a really muddy part of the forest. While we were building, we found lots of different plants and bugs. We were very good at remembering our new rule for the forest. We all managed to fit inside our Stone Age homes.



At lunch time some of us found some fossils and crystals in the stones on the floor.

After lunch, we followed the windy path back in to the forest and learnt how Stone Age people would have made fire. We made our own fire and followed all of the safety rules that we were given.



We put some marshmallows on the end of a stick then put them in the fire until they were toasted. We had to count to 10 to make sure they were cool then we ate them, most of us thought they were scrumptious! Once we had finished, we put water on the fire because otherwise, the fire might burn down the forest.



After a very long day full of fun and mud, we thanked the leaders before getting on the bus to go back to school.


“It was an amazing day because we got to build Stone Age houses.” Lily

“The activities were super fun and the marshmallows were super yummy.” Evie

“I enjoyed squelching in the mud because it was fun hearing the noise.” Oliver

“I liked getting stuck in the mud because it was sticky and fun.” Logan B

“It was cool that you could see a deer’s antler and a nest with an egg shell in it.” Flora

“It was super fun because the marshmallows were super yummy and creamy inside.” Peter

Year 2 Blog

This term in Year 2 we have been learning about animals and their habitats in science. This week we really enjoyed investigating real fish. We had 30 of them to study! We then used our scientific skills to draw and label them whilst learning about how they are adapted to suit their environment.




World book day in Year 1!

We had a fantastic time dressing up as our favourite characters on World Book Day.  We shared some of our favourite stories and discussed what we loved about our favourite books.  A wonderful day, despite the falling snow and disruption!








This week we have been learning about Chinese Year and how it is celebrated. We found out which zodiac animals the children and teachers are. They seemed very interested in the culture and enjoyed the activities.
The children tasted some Chinese food including rice, sweet and sour sauce and prawn crackers. They did so well trying the food even when they didn’t enjoy it! They have absolutely loved Chinese dragon dancing!