Sports Week!

Sports Week

Our Kings’ Forest children have had a wonderful sports week. The children have worked incredibly hard and they have achieved fantastic results in their activities. We would like to thank all friends and families for coming along and making it special for the children. We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did!


“I loved doing the sack race” – Holly

“I liked playing basketball” – Ruby

“My favourite part was playing basketball. I didn’t get it in because I couldn’t reach the net” – Aidan R

Reception have enjoyed taking part in many different sporting activities this week. We agreed that our absolute favourite was playing basketball. We even got to meet the captain of Bristol Rovers football team!

Year Two

Year 2 have enjoyed lots of sports activities this week. We have taken part in Basketball, Dance, Karate and Rugby. Here are some photos from Wednesday’s Karate session on the field!


Year Four

Year 5

Year 5 have had a phenomenal sports week! Highlights have included: coaching from Bristol Rugby, visiting Broad Plain Boxing Club and meeting Tom Lockyer from Bristol Rovers. The week ended with a fantastic rounders match between the future Badgers and Woodpeckers. Well done all!

Year 6

We would also like to say a huge thank you to Mr Lecrass for organising the whole week!

Year 6 Camp!

We had a brilliant week away on camp and the children took part in a huge range of activities. We had multiple compliments from the camp staff on the behaviour, manners and resilience of the children and we are so proud of what they all achieved.

Our favourite activities:

My favourite activity was the high ropes because there were different stages that you had to reach and at the end, there was a ‘leap of faith’ where you had to jump off of a platform and try to hit the red ball – Mimi

My favourite activity was gorge scrambling because it was fun to climb over the rocks and jump into the water – Ellie

My favourite activity was the night walk because I learnt a lot about Dartmoor and the nature that surrounded us. – Lyla

My favourite activity was kayaking because we got to do lots of mini games and some people fell into the water – Sam

Our funniest moments:

The funniest moment was during the room inspections when I dressed up and acted to try to earn extra points from Miss Elvin and Mrs Jordan. – Lucy

The funniest moment was when Mimi and Abby tipped me out of my kayak.  – Jack

The funniest moment was when Josie took her clothes out of the bathroom and managed to drop one of her socks down the toilet. – Sophie J

Our recommendations:

I would recommend camp because you get to try lots of new things and mix with different people from Year 6 – Leah.

I would recommend camp because you can spend lots of time with your friends and you can do things you have never had the chance to do before. – Bradley

I would recommend camp because you can make everlasting memories with your friends. – Alex

The Show:

This year’s show – Pirates of the Curry Bean –  is well underway and year 6 look forward to seeing you at one of the two performances for parents:

Tuesday 17th July at 6.30pm                                           Wednesday 18th July at 2pm

Please ensure that you have signed the consent for your child to take part in the evening performance – and let us know if you have any difficulties with transport on the night.

Reception Blog!

This week Reception have been re-planting their garden area. Children have helped plant lavender bushes to create a butterfly garden. Lots of children were really excited to use their senses to explore the plants; some were surprised to learn that mint is a plant and they all enjoyed rubbing the leaves and smelling all the different herbs and plants on offer. We have had lots of volunteers to help water the garden and keep our plants healthy. The children are excited to watch all the plants grow especially the baby fruit trees, we have had lots of guesses as to what they think they are going to grow!


Sadly this is our final blog this term. We just wanted to say that the children have worked so incredibly hard all year round and we wish them the very best of luck in Year One!

Year 5 Blog

Year 5 are continuing to work hard, after a brilliant Term 5. In the final week of term 5, the children wrote some superb diary entries from the perspective of Robin Hood and during a key part of his life as an outlaw. The first person writing really shows how well the children have embraced this topic, understand our class book and empathise with its main character. Have a listen to KFPS Radio next week to hear one great example – we certainly could’ve picked many more!


We have also been writing a non-fiction piece: an explanation text about trebuchets (medieval catapults). This is excellent preparation for our DT focus this term. The children will be designing, making and using their very own trebuchets!


Our visual timeline of medieval history (in the style of the Bayeux tapestry) is a work in progress and will be complete very soon. The children have worked extremely hard with Mr Jeanes to improve their human sketches and the steps from a basic frame to their medieval characters which depict ten famous (or infamous!) events of the period.


We’re looking forward to a jam packed sports week, including a trip to Broad Plain Boxercise and a greatly anticipated sports day. The children have chosen their events for the day and are looking forward to see which of the four houses will be most successful.


Our last blog post of the year cannot forget a BIG good luck to this lovely year group moving onto Year 6 in September!