Arts Week 2019

Monday 11th February saw the start of the 6th annual Kings’ Forest Arts Week. This year’s theme was My Hometown and the signs were very encouraging with all the amazing homework that children had created in the weeks running up to the event. After a fun packed week, the celebrations concluded with a fantastic exhibition in the school hall, which, as in previous years, was very well attended.


As well as their own personal hometown landmarks, each year group was given an iconic Bristol landmark to study and at least one visiting artist to work with, so all of the children received a professional artist’s expertise to guide and inspire them. An exciting week was had by all!


Year R

The youngest children in the school worked with Mr. Jeanes to create a large 3D model of their landmark, Bristol Temple Meads, complete with turrets and a clock tower. They loved using mixed media to create a wonderfully textured collage. They also built a huge model train (named the KF Express of course!) which was painted a vivid red and tied in nicely with their transport theme. In addition, the children created some excellent collages of their own homes which looked brilliant displayed next to photographs of the buildings.


Year 1

Mouse and Rabbit Classes worked with illustrator Cai Burton to draw St Mary Redcliffe Church, which was their landmark this week. The huge illustration captured the grand, imposing nature of the building and the collaged layers were really effective. Year 1 also tried their hand at line drawing the building and adding a water-colour wash behind their lines to great effect. Finally, they made some colourful stained glass windows which replicated the windows at St Mary Redcliffe beautifully.


Year 2

Cai also visited Year 2 this week to create illustrations of the Clifton Suspension Bridge. The children used the basis of the structure to guide their pieces and then let their imaginations run wild, adding fantastic colours to their pieces.

Year 3

Bat and Deer class studied Blaise Castle this week and they were lucky enough to work with Sarah Edwards to weave a huge model of the building out of willow. The structure is set to be a semi-permanent feature around the school, so look out for it! They also learned some new needlework skills with visiting artist Alison Bingham and produced some beautiful work with her.


Year 4

Alison also got the needle and thread out in Year 4 this week and in addition they were treated to a ceramics lesson from Emma Wreyford. With Alison, Moles and Buzzards sewed the gates of Page Park and with Emma they made some wonderfully textured leaves out of clay, which were displayed creatively hanging from an actual tree! They also collaborated to create a 3D aerial view of the park, complete with buildings, trees and play equipment.


Year 5

Stoats and Adders studied Clifton Observatory this week. They worked with Cai Burton to combine illustration and watercolours. They also created a relief tile of their personal landmark which they painted. Year 5 also made models of the camera obscura (which is in the observatory) out of cardboard boxes and ‘painted’ some Bristol Blue Glass using plastic water bottles and marker pens.


Year 6

The oldest children in the school worked with Matt Jeanes to create a collaborative image of the SS Great Britain in a variety of media chosen by the children. They also explored texture with Emma Wreyford using clay to create ropes and moustaches, emulating items that could have been found on the iconic ship in its heyday.


Photography Masterclass

The photography masterclass exhibited some highlights of their work so far this year with Mr. McPherson. The new SLR cameras are really being out to good use and the progress the children have made is phenomenal. The stunning prints are in pride of place in the hall – go and have a peek!


Art with the wider Kings’ Forest community

In addition to all of the exciting art going on in classrooms all week, the wider school community has also been getting involved. Matt Jeanes ran a series of four evening classes for parents in which he taught life drawing, still life and caricature. The informal sessions were well attended and the standard of work was exceptional. There is talk of the evening classes continuing at the school in the future, so watch this space. Not only that, but Alison Bingham also ran two workshops for parents and children to come and create some beautiful prints together and the results were fabulous.


Thank you to everyone who came to support the exhibition – it was a huge success and we are sure you relished seeing the children’s work on display. You can see films about Arts Week 2019 on the school website here:



Mr. Ivanovich

Girls Maths Morning

This week, we held a Girls Maths Workshop where mums, grandmothers and aunts were invited into school to take part in maths activities with their daughters, granddaughters and nieces. It was a great turnout with everyone getting involved.

Ms Keddie, Miss Timbrell, Miss Davis and Miss Cullimore ran mini workshops. Each teacher focussing on different year groups. They demonstrated how maths is taught and presented in each of the classes in our school. All of the adults that attended the workshop, worked alongside the girls completing maths activities; using different resources; representations and methods for working on addition and subtraction.

We want to take this opportunity to thank all of the mums, grandmothers and aunts who gave up their time to join us on Wednesday morning to work on maths tasks with their daughters, granddaughters and nieces in such a positive and supportive way.

Year 2 Blog

Last week Year 2 had a super trip out to the Clifton Suspension Bridge.

Hedgehogs were lucky enough to visit the Visitors Centre. They learnt all about how the bridge was made so strong and about the history of the bridge. They also read some interesting stories about its famous engineer, Isambard Kingdom Brunel. Hedgehogs really impressed the staff with their knowledge of Brunel and great enthusiasm.

We bravely walked across the bridge, enjoying the magnificent view and ticking off the sights we could see, such as the Avon Gorge and even Ashton Gate football stadium! The children showed great courage and positivity when walking across the very high bridge- they impressed us all.

In preparation for Arts Week, we had a go at sketching the suspension bridge from the viewpoint by the Clifton Observatory. This will help us as the famous Bristol landmark year 2 have been given is the bridge. It is almost like Miss Timbrell and Miss Ball planned it!?

Despite our excitement and the cold, we were all extremely well behaved and respectful to the other members of the public who were visiting the bridge and Visitors Centre.