Year 5

Year 5 kicked off our new topic with a bang on the first day back of term.  The children looked fantastic in their medieval costumes and made a huge effort with their homemade props!



We set the scene of our topic ‘Medieval Britain’ by randomly picking children to be higher in the hierarchy of the year group (Lord/Lady, Nobles, Knights and Pages). Children who were unlucky, were treated as peasants during our Medieval banquet: sitting on the floor, serving trenchers (a medieval snack) to their superiors and even cleaning up whilst the nobles stood and watched. The children tasted traditional gingerbread, stewed plums and Wensleydale cheese, which were all enjoyed back in the medieval period.



We then put our heraldry skills to the test where the children created their own shields with a medieval design, thinking carefully about the symbolism of colours, shapes and animals to suit their personality, family and achievements.



In the afternoon, the children thoroughly enjoyed apple bobbing on the field and being put in the stocks!



The topic has certainly got off to a bang and we have some exciting learning planned including working with Matt Jeanes on a visual timeline in the style of the Bayeux Tapestry and making a model of a trebuchet (war catapult).

Year 4 Blog

Year 4 blog

This term, Year 4’s topic is Ancient Civilisations. The children were lucky enough to take part in the first of two BANG days. Their first bang day introduced the children to the Ancient Greeks! They focused on the Olympics and made wreaths which the Olympians were awarded when the Olympics first began. In the afternoon, the children took part in a mini Olympics. All the children took part in one of the most popular events, the Pentathlon. They had a go at discus, javelin, long jump and running however we decided to leave wrestling to the Ancient Greeks! It was a fantastic start to our topic and we can’t wait to find out more.


Within Science, they have been looking at electricity. They discussed the dangers of electricity and how to be safe at home. The children had the opportunity to explore some electrical equipment and had to discover how to make a simple circuit. It was difficult without any instructions, but they all managed it in the end!


The children are looking forward to learning about the Ancient Egyptians next term and taking part in our second mini bang day.