Year 2 Blog

Welcome to Year 2!

The children have had a fantastic start to Year 2 already and are showing enthusiasm towards our first topic: ‘How do you know? The Great Fire of London.’

We began our topic by looking at fire fighters and finding out about the amazing work that they do. We are very excited to be visiting our local Fire Station next term to see them in action! We have also looked at the Notre Dame fire and the Grenfell Tower fire to help us to understand the importance of fire safety. Looking at these disasters has also helped us to understand more about the devastation of the Great Fire of London and how it affected people’s lives.

In Maths, we have started to look at place value and understanding numbers up to 100. We have had practical lessons making numbers with resources and writing a range of addition and subtraction equations. We have just moved on to partitioning numbers up to 100 so have been using plenty of resources to help our learning.

In writing, we have been learning the story of ‘Vlad and the Great Fire of London’ and have made up actions to help us to remember the story and characters. We will eventually be writing our own story using all the skills we have learnt, such as adjectives and writing in the past tense.

We are very excited to see where the year will take us! Keep up the hard work Squirrels and Hedgehogs!



A great start for the Bats and the Deer!

Our superstar Year 3s have stepped up to the new challenge of Key Stage 2 with positivity and enthusiasm. We have started our new topic of Ancient Civilisations and we have begun to discuss the importance of other civilisations to us. They have also had great fun becoming archaeologists, decoding and writing in hieroglyphics and learning about the discovery of Tutankhamun’s tomb. Next week, they will become journalists where they will reporting the discovery of the tomb in their own newspaper articles. As the term progresses, we look forward to learning more about Ancient Egypt before moving on to Ancient Greece.   

Miss Withey and Mr Griffiths have been delighted with the children’s effort and attitude towards their learning. They are embodying the school’s values of being responsible, respectful, positive and kind. We both hope this continues for the rest of the term and beyond.

Year 4 Blog

Year 4 have settled in well at the other end of the corridor and are embracing all that Year 4 brings. We have started our new topic of Communication and have begun right at the very beginning focusing on how people communicated during the Stone Age. We were aware of the children’s prior knowledge from Year 3 so we decided to draw upon that and give them a new experience. They have worked hard to understand how cave paintings were used to communicate and were able to re-create an important hunt scene for themselves. They’ve practiced the skill of line drawings alongside using a new tool to engrave their designs onto slate tiles.


We are looking forward to exploring another material used to paint during the Stone Age. Next week, we will attempt to replicate their cave paintings using paint made from crushed berries.

Miss Blake and Miss Elliot have been very impressed with the children’s effort and attitude towards their new learning and long may it continue as we travel through the history of communication to modern day technology!