Year 6 – A Fantastic Start.

Our lovely year 6 classes have settled in beautifully to Badger and Woodpecker class. Not only do they look the part in their super smart shirts and ties but their behaviour and attitude is impeccable to match.

This term, as a whole school, we have been looking closely at the United Nations Convention of the Rights of the Child and we have been making links to these throughout our topic.

Our topic this term is Freedom. We have been thinking about what freedom means to us, what freedom looked like throughout the Roman and Anglo Saxon era and at inspiring people from the past and present that stand up for their right to freedom and for the rights of others. We have been inspired by the actions of many and have been carefully considering how our small actions can change the world for the better.

Outside of the classroom this term, we were lucky enough to visit the Create Centre in Hotwells and to learn about what it means to be safe and to stay safe in a range of situations such as checking we’ve been given the correct change in the local shop and knowing how and when to call the emergency services. We were perfectly behaved and the staff there took the opportunity to tell our teachers how wonderful we were.





Reception Phonics

Reception children have been busy learning lots of new sounds.  They learn four sounds a week and are enjoying learning how to form these correctly in a variety of interesting ways.  Forming these in the sand and with paint have been a particular hit.


It is amazing now to see that they are beginning to be able to blend these sounds together to read short words.  Fred the Frog helps us with this.  Ask your child if they can tell you the sounds in the word sat (s – a – t).  Remember you may see actions as they say these sounds too.  This multi-sensory approach helps your child to retain their new knowledge.


Life in Reception continues to be great fun with children forming new friendships and building on their physical development, which will inevitably help with their fine motor skills and handwriting.  We are really impressed with their independence and the positive attitude that they come into school with.




Year 1 Blog

Welcome to Year 1!

All the children in Mouse and Rabbit class have had an amazing start to Year 1 and are always excited to learn.

We have been learning about who we are and where we live. As part of this, we went on a trip around Station Road so the children could learn more about their local area. We asked the children to describe what they saw on the walk. We walked up to the shops on Station Road where we saw a barber shop, a small bus stop and a big red post box. Then we walked down to the roundabout past the gardens which had colourful flowers and a stone owl. The children were very excited because we saw an ambulance, a police car and even a red fire engine. After that we stopped for a snack in Deerswood Play Area where we saw green grass and tall trees with red and yellow leaves. The children came up with all of these brilliant describing phrases, such as red leaves, during the walk. The children were so enthusiastic about are trip and are looking forward to writing a recount of the morning using these fantastic descriptions.