Reception Blog

How to make a sausage spider


Well, we’ve come to the end of another term and we cannot believe how quickly the time is flying by.  We are sure that you at home are as equally amazed at how much the children are progressing and it is only going to increase next term!

During this second term, every child has had the opportunity to develop their cookery skills in the kitchen with Mrs Potter.   They have been making sausage spiders.

First, the children cut the sausages using their knife skills and learned how to use the knife correctly.

Next, they developed their fine motor skills by threading uncooked spaghetti through the sausage pieces.  This needed very careful precision.

While the sausage spiders cooked, the children had the opportunity to discuss where food comes from (many children thought that milk came from Sainsbury’s so were surprised to learn it comes from a cow) and to think about which foods are healthy for us or unhealthy.

We were very pleased to see that all the children were excited to try their cooked products even if they were a bit unsure at first.

As the children announced at the end of our Nativity, we wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.  See you in 2020!

Year 6 Blog

Year 6 Blog

This has been a jam packed term – just how we like it here in year 6.

Our Freedom topic has continued to interest and inspire as we have been considering the impacts of slavery in today’s society and how human rights aren’t always protected around the world. We have been building this information into our final speeches. After listening to and reading a range of famous speeches from great orators we have been learning how to write persuasive pieces using key skills such as emotive language, repetition and the power of three. We are so excited to present these to our audience of friends and parents on Thursday morning. We’re a little nervous too!

The last couple of weeks have been suitably festive. We were luckily enough to be given the opportunity to take part in a carol service at Clifton Cathedral – magical! We were visited by the music co-coordinator beforehand and taught a few Makaton signs to go alongside the well-loved    lyrics, she was definitely impressed with how quickly we managed to learn them as well as to remember them. The service was very beautiful, there was even a real donkey.

To continue the festivities, we enjoyed watching the nativity performances by EYFS and KS1. To top it off we had a fantastic turnout for Christmas jumper day. This week we’ll be partying at our year 5 and 6 Christmas party and sharing a delicious Christmas dinner in our handmade party hats – phew!


Year 1 Blog

Year 1 Blog

Samaritan Shoebox Appeal

As part of our topic, Childhood, Year 1 took part in the Samaritan Shoebox Appeal. Our aim was to fill one or two boxes per class but because of your amazing support we were able to fill nineteen boxes! We were overwhelmed by your donations! Year 1 know that every child has the right to play. Thanks to your kindness and the children’s hard work nineteen children will receive a lovely gift this Christmas with new toys to play with!

Reverend Peter visited Year 1 to collect all the shoe boxes so they could be sent off in time for Christmas. He thought the children were wonderful and very much enjoyed his visit. He presented Year 1 with a certificate thanking us for our extraordinary kindness. All the children loved hearing about how much the presents will mean to those who receive them.

Thank you again for your incredible generosity.

What a fantastic day out!

Year 3 Blog

Bristol Museum

This term, Year Three have been continuing their topic on Ancient Civilisations where we have been focussing on Ancient Egypt and Ancient Greece. To support their learning, we went on a trip to Bristol Museum where we took part in a workshop and had some time to explore. During the workshop, the children became archaeologists in order to study a range of artefacts, used their knowledge of Ancient Egypt to ask questions and they found out about the Egyptologist Amelia Edwards. The children really enjoyed their day and we feel it has deepened their understanding of this topic.

Christmas Assembly

Next week, the pupils will take part in a Christmas Assembly.  The children have been practicing their oracy skills to tell jokes, recite poems and offer interesting facts as well as working on their beautiful singing. They have all demonstrated positivity as well as responsibility when rehearsing their lines. We are all very excited to share it with you next week!