Business and Personal Interests

Name Term of Office Type of Governor Committee Office held / Responsibility Pecuniary Interests Membership of other Governing Bodies Personal relationships in school
Mr R Newman Ex officio Headteacher Both Headteacher      
Mr S Riches 01.05.15 – 30.04.19 Co-opted Both Chair of Governors None None None
Mrs L Skinner 01.05.15 – 30.04.19 LA Curriculum Vice Chair of Governors


Pupil Premium

None NHLC Son & Daughter
Ms L Lumbard 16.12.15 – 15.12.19 Parent Curriculum Chair of Performance Management None None Daughter
Mrs H Sparrow 16.12.15 -15.12.19 Parent Resource       Daughter
Mr T Baughan 01.05.15 – 30.04.19 Co-opted Resource Chair of Resource Committee      
Mrs C Warrant 08.09.15 – 07.09.19 Co-opted Curriculum Chair of Curriculum Committee



Ms H Porter 01.05.15 – 30.04.19 Associate Both