Year 2

In Year 2, we have been learning about ‘Inspirational People’. We were lucky enough to have a visit from a Police Officer who told us all about her job and inspired us to follow our dreams.


This term we are reading ‘The Enchanted Wood’ by Enid Blyton. We have been enjoying using Talk for Writing to learn the story and are looking forward to creating our own versions of it soon.

In Science we have been enjoying carrying out investigations outside. We have been learning about what humans and animals need in order to survive.


An explorer in Year 3

Our current topic is called Frozen, so far we have been learning about life in the Arctic Circle, which countries make up the Arctic Circle, the climate and the animals that live there. This week we were lucky enough to have an explorer from the University of Bristol come in and talk to us! Dr Kate Hendry has made many expeditions to the Arctic and the Antarctic where she studies algae and ice. We carried out an experiment to see if melting ice caused water levels to rise more at sea or by land. She also showed us many photos and answered all of our questions. Thank you so much for coming in, we learnt lots!

We have also recently visited We the Curious where we attended a workshop about magnets and forces. We tested a variety of materials to see if they were magnetic and carried out an experiment to see which surface made the best ramp for a car to drive down. It was our first trip on the new minibuses and we were excited to be using them!


We have also been busy making an igloo which we have been reading in, thank you to all the parent who sent in the milk bottles!


Science Week 2017 – Animals

Wow! As each class studied animals for this year’s Science Week, school was full of living creatures, from birds of prey, insects of many kinds, a guide dog and even a snake!

Each class was tasked to research their class animal and all children enjoyed doing this in different scientific ways. Y6 held a Battle of the Beaks to compare the effectiveness of different beak features; Y5 tested the strength of eggs; Y4 went on a mole dig and Y1 explored their senses to observe how nocturnal creatures are adapted to finding their prey in the dark. Plus much, much more.




Autumn begins…

We have started our Autumn to Winter topic with a bang! The children walked to Mangotsfield Station where we found autumnal objects and observed the changes in the trees since the summer. We even went on a bear hunt.


In Autumn, Sikhs and Hindus celebrate Diwali. We wanted the children to learn and experience some Diwali traditions. They made Diva lamps from clay and they had a visit from a family who showed them traditional clothing, headwear and decorations. We had lots of fun!


Year 6 blog

Our first topic this year is: Lest We Forget. We are studying a book called ‘Stay Where You Are and Then Leave’ by John Boyne, which is set in the First World War. We are looking forward to learning all about how life was for people in wartime; how women’s lives changed dramatically during the early 20th century; celebrating Remembrance Day and ending the year with a carol concert at Clifton Cathedral.

We had a brilliant time our first bang day this year experiencing different music from the era and we made old-fashioned lemonade – it was delicious but we were really surprised with how much sugar we needed to use! We also learned how to play games such as hopscotch, shove ha’penny, hot potato (ours was cold!), penny pitch and peg drop, as well as learning a verse and chorus from the song ‘Pack Up Your Troubles’. Our teachers kept us on our toes all day demanding to see our ID cards – if we didn’t have them we had to spend two minutes in ‘jail’ in the afternoon!

Year 6 have made an excellent start in their learning and are already taking up lots of opportunities for extra support – it is great to see so many attending these sessions both before and after school. Keep it Up!

Year 5

An exciting start to Year 5 included a wonderful Bang Day: samba drumming, testing our Brazilian football skills and tasting different fruits from around ‘The Americas’!
Samba drumming provided an opportunity to play various Brazilian instruments such as huge surdo drums, tuneful agogo bells and snappy tamborims. It was great fun and very LOUD! One year 5 child commented, “I think the other teachers wouldn’t have been happy if we did this in our normal classroom!” and we completely agree!
Brazilian football skills and food tasting certainly showed us how talented this year group is but also opinionated they are when trying different foods. Pineapple and papaya were popular, but physalis and sweet potato definitely received mixed reactions!
Following a great Bang Day, Year 5 had an opportunity to visit our local library to learn about what is inside and how we can use it. It was a very successful visit; thank you to Steph and the rest of the team at Kingswood library. Keep on reading!


Writing in Year 3

We have been busy in Year 3 so far this term. In our Writing lessons, we have been writing a journey tale based on our Model of Excellence, The Moon-Catcher. Our focus has been on the setting description which we wrote, edited and improved, then wrote out in our neatest handwriting.
Here are some examples; can you spot the similes, simple sentences and compound sentences?


Invasion and Union!

Wow, what a wonderful start to Year 4 we have had! Our first topic is Invasion and Union and we were lucky enough to have a visit from a real-life Viking!! Olf arrived to tell us all about the Vikings and we were ready with our outfits and shields.

During the jam-packed day we learnt about the travels of the Vikings, about some of their greatest warriors and witnessed a Viking burial (poor Miss McCusker was the slave sacrificed to accompany the Queen!).

We also learnt lots about the different types of weapons the Vikings used and got to feel various animal skins to really understand what life was like during these times.

In the afternoon, we spent time learning about different weapons, dressed up in chainmail and helmets and ended up in a fierce shield battle!


Our Trip to Noah’s Ark

Last week we went on a fantastic adventure to Noah’s Ark Zoo Farm. We have been learning a lot about different animals and how they survive. We have been discussing the animals that use camouflage and why they need it. The children made their very own camouflage pictures and they are incredible! The children were very excited about seeing the different animals and they did lots of noticing and exploring. It got a little bit hot on our trip so we decided to have a little dip to cool down and the children loved it!



Zachary – “At Noah’s Ark we found lots of animals. There was a rhino, a lion, a giraffe and even a baby giraffe. It was so good”.

Max – “At Noah’s Ark we found an elephant. I saw a zebra and it was just like our camouflage pictures”.

Bradley – “At Noah’s Ark Zoo Farm I liked seeing the tigers, giraffes and zebras because I liked seeing their skin patterns.”

George – “At Noah’s Ark I liked the bears because they looked really black and I thought they were really cool and I liked their paws.”



Sofia – “I made a giraffe! No one can really see it because its camouflaged with yellow and brown spots”.

Florrie-Belle – “We cut it out so that you couldn’t see it; so it was camouflaged.”

Can you find a giraffe, tiger or zebra in our paintings?



Sports week!

Our sports week kicked off with a visit from the Bristol City footballer Lloyd Kelly. He told us about his daily routine and answered lots of our questions. Each year group had a go at alternative sports such as Tchoukball and street surfing and took part in a sports day. We also took part in Wake and Shake each morning which helped wake us up and prepare for the day ahead.

We have been developing our kicking and dribbling skills. With the coaches we have been learning about different passes and how to throw and catch accurately.

Year 1
We have been fantastic this week and had a brilliant on Sports day! We have all participated in Wake and Shake each morning and shown off our amazing dance moves. We have also been practising our cross country skills – we have been doing two laps of the field before every lesson!

Year 2
We have had a busy week! We learnt how to Tchoukball which was tricky at first but we soon got the hang of it. We invented our own sports which was great fun, here are some of our ideas: head ball and swimming ticking. We also participated in some team games where we had to help each other and communicate well.

Year 3
All children tried very hard when learning to shoot an arrow into the target. Getting the arrow to balance onto the bow was quite tricky! Some children hit the middle target.

We worked on our dribbling skills with Mr. Lecrass, thinking about our control of the ball.

Street surfing:
We had a great time street surfing! Everyone had a go and some children managed to ‘surf’ holding on with one hand and a few managed on their own!

With Mr. Skelton we worked on our throwing and catching skills using a rugby ball.

Year 4
On Thursday, we went to the field and saw bows and arrows everywhere. The man was excited to see us and he was very good at keeping us safe. It was really hard to do but in the end we got it! We all had so much fun! The arrow made a weird noise when it hit the target.
By Oscar Patterson, Caitlin Lewis and James Westbrook

Year 5
Year 5 took part in a number of different activities throughout the week. They were given the chance to try out Archery that they particularly enjoyed due to the fact that our class book is Robin Hood. Stoats and Adders also thoroughly enjoyed Street surfing , where after just one lesson a number of them were able to move independently. We were lucky enough to have a cricketer from South Gloucester come in and teach us a number of skills and play a game of cricket.

Year 6
During Sports Week, year 6 have tried their hand at archery and cricket and built teamwork through group relay activities. Most of our archers could now teach Robin Hood a thing or two!


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