EYFS: Our first year comes to an end

We cannot believe that our Reception children have already come to the end of their very first year at school.   It’s been eventful, emotional, incredible, engaging and, most of all, enormous fun.  We hope that all the parents, friends and family who came to watch our ‘Stepping Up’ assembly enjoyed seeing how confident the children have become since they started school.  The children are all very much looking forward to being in Mouse or Rabbit class in Year One.  Thank you to all of the parents for your continued support and good luck to all of the children from the Early Years Team.

Here are some of the things the children have said about their year…

Lylas: We loved making lots of new friends at the beginning of the year.

Vinnie: We went on a bear hunt around the school, the mud was so squelchy.

Sienna: We went on a trip to the theatre to watch the snow mouse, it was magical.

Sam: We all learnt lots of new skills- we have learnt to cut, stick, staple and hole punch.

Ruby: We had lots of fun going to Noah’s Ark Zoo Farm, we got to ride on a tractor, we held lots of baby animals and loved visiting the giraffes! 

Faith: We loved dressing up as our favourite book characters for world book day.

Year 6: DISCO

Year 6 show: Rock Bottom

Year Three Blog

This week the Year 3’s took part in an athletics challenge. Each child had to complete six different activities, including sprinting, long jump, throwing, jumping and balancing. The children really enjoyed this experience and were completely focused at every stage of the set course. They worked hard to get their best scores.


We have continued to study The Romans this term. We have just finished making our own mosaic designs based on a representation of one of the Ancient Roman Gods, for example some children chose the God of Thunder; others chose The God of Love called Cupid. The children worked hard on these over weeks of planning and produced some interesting results.

Year Five Blog

As the school year draws to a close, the blog is a welcome opportunity to reflect on a successful year and an exhilarating final term. Since the excitement of Sports Week, Year 5 have been focusing on some interesting project work and some topic related writing.

In reading, we completed Michael Morpurgo’s ‘real history’ of Robin Hood, Outlaw. The children loved his intense dramatization of this Medieval legend and enjoyed witnessing Robin and his outlaws rebel against the evil Sheriff of Nottingham.

Our writing outcome this term has been a ‘rags to riches’ tale set in the Medieval period. There was much enthusiasm for creating a storyline in which the main character overcame adversity and was rewarded with a happy ending. Many of these thrilling stories featured peasants fulfilling their dreams or escaping their cruel lives in the feudal system, an aspect of our history learning which many of the children have found fascinating. The published stories look fantastic on their tea stained scrolls and the tales themselves are very high quality; we are very proud!

Another topic related project this term has been to build a working model of a Medieval trebuchet out of wood. They have enjoyed honing their designing, sawing, drilling and glue-gunning skills. The children have really impressed the staff with their excellent conduct with regard to safety. They have also shown off their brilliant growth mind-set, working well in small teams to overcome challenges and improve their designs as they have gone along.

Mr. Jeanes has been leading our art sessions all year, with great results. Year 5 have been working in groups to represent ten of the most significant events in the Medieval period, producing some superb results using mixed media.

This week saw the Year 5 Stepping Up Assembly. It was a wonderful event and a fitting way to mark this important milestone in the children’s lives. We were so proud of the readers and singers who made it such a special occasion and we loved seeing the children receive their ties from the current Year 6 pupils. Thank you to everyone who attended for supporting the children and we hope you have a fabulous summer!

Sports Week!

EYFS Sports Week

We began sports weeks in style with our very first Sports Day event.  All children enjoyed taking part in lots of activities such as the sack race, egg and spoon and kicking and throwing. Keeping healthy is very important to us young people and we have been focusing on healthy eating as well as keeping fit and active.  During the week we have tried many new types of sports and tried out unfamiliar sports equipment.  Clubbercise was an invigorating session of heart pumping exercise mixed with light and music.  Bristol Rugby introduced many of us to the delights of Tag Rugby.  We practised passing the ball and tagging each other  through lots of fun games.  We were amazed to be able to play Golf Football where we combined the skills of dribbling and shooting with the aim of teeing off to get the ball into the ‘hole’.  We finally rounded the energetic week off with a visit to Page Park in order to use the space for racing, hurdling and throwing athletic equipment such as javelins, discus and hammers.  That was a scorcher of an afternoon and we were grateful for the shade the trees had to offer.

Year 1 Sports Week

We have enjoyed a glorious week of weather, which has been perfect for all of the sporting activities that the children have experienced.  Sports Day was a wonderful start to our week and we were so proud of how all of the children participated in each activity with such enthusiasm.   We have also had an infant agility session, football coaching and a Clubbercise dance lesson.  All in all, it has been fantastic!

Year 2 Sports Week

Year 2 have had a super sports week! The children have enjoyed a trip to Page Park, had a rugby session with Bristol Bears, a gymnastics lesson and some relaxing pilates with Mya’s mum, Mrs Miller. They’ve all worked brilliantly as a team and everyone has tried a new sport that they have thoroughly enjoyed. Our sports day was brilliant (especially because of the sun!) and the children showed great positivity and teamwork. We are so proud of all of our children for showing all of our school values for the whole week. Well done Team Year 2!

Year 3 Sports Week

Year 3 have had a great sports week! We have learnt many new sports skills and techniques and had the opportunity to be taught by different coaches too. Some of the sports we were lucky to experience were: rugby, tennis skills, karate, gym and athletics. Then of course we had our sports day. It has been a very active and enjoyable week.

Year 4 Sports Week

Year 4 were lucky enough to visit Saltford Golf Club on Tuesday morning where the children were coached by a professional on the techniques needed in golf. We were told of the potential of a few of the children who are naturally talented in golf so watch this space for some future golf stars! Within the rest of the week, Year 4 have taken part in tennis, foot golf and of course our sports day (well done Willow!). To finish off the week, Year 4 had the opportunity to work with Mia from Bristol Flyers who taught the children some new basketball skills. We have been very proud of their attitude throughout the week and their willingness to try new activities.

Year 5 Sports Week

Year 5 have had a brilliant week! It all started with an inspirational trip to Broad Plain Boxing Club where they had the opportunity to put on boxing gloves and try some bag work under the watchful eye of an experienced coach. On Tuesday, tennis instructor Vicky led the children in some hand to eye coordination games. Karate was next on the menu. This involved some excellent team building activities and the chance to learn how to punch safely and accurately. The children learned and exemplified the Five Principles of the Black Belt which are as follows: courtesy, integrity, self-control, perseverance and indomitable spirit. Sports Day was a huge success, with everyone representing their house fantastically and showing a great growth mind-set. We also squeezed in some foot-golf and a class football tournament which was played in fantastic spirit. The week ended in style with an athletics workshop focusing on baton skills (for relay racing) and a basketball session with Bristol Flyers. Well done to all and thank you Mr. Lecrass for a fabulous Sports Week 2019!

“During the boxing, I loved helping others learn how to stand correctly, keep their guard up and punch properly.” Abi, Adder Class

“I loved playing football with my class because everybody played fairly and we all had fun.” Hayden A., Adder Class

“I liked karate the best because our teacher taught us lots of new tricks and moves.” Mae, Adder Class

Year 6 Sports Week

Year 6 have had an amazing sports week and been able to try a whole host of new activities and have worked with professionals to hone their skills in indoor bowling, gymnastics, athletics and basketball. Lots of talents were discovered along the way, particularly with indoor bowls where the children quickly improved their accuracy and control once they had learned the secrets of the biased woods! The children also took on a challenge to invent their own sports using 3 pieces of their favourite equipment – stiltconeball is a must-try game!


Year 6 – Camp!

Monday – As we arrived, our coach was greeted by torrential rain and the most spectacular thunder and lightning storm Dartmoor could offer! However, no spirits were dampened (although many clothes were!) and the intrepid campers got stuck straight in to teambuilding activities which challenged them both physically and mentally. There were some amazing team names however Mr Lecrass’s ‘Winners’ predicted the future and claimed victory!

Tuesday – More rain didn’t stop everyone clambering onto bikes and using pedal power to reach Meldon, where we were greeted by a raging river. Fearless, one brave group donned wetsuits, helmets and lifejackets and plunged straight into the swirling waters and faced the challenge of trekking up-stream against the powerful current and taking-on some of the river’s wildest features – such as the washing pool! Nearby, group 2 scaled the somewhat damp rock-faces, defying gravity and physics and completed up to 3 levels of routes up the sheer cliff.  After a quick refuel, each group took on the other activity, and afterwards tired, wet but accomplished, pedal power returned them to base camp.

Wednesday – Bucketing rain did not prevent the crazy campers from being excited about a day at the lake! Kayaking, canoeing and raft-building filled their day, along with rescuing staff from a deserted island, becoming sharks, invading countries, ‘accidentally’ falling in, and of course that ever-useful life skill: learning to do a headstand in a kayak!

Thursday – Yet more precipitation accompanied us as we stayed on site to tackle the ‘Leap of Faith’: a mere 30ft clamber up a damp pole, a wobbly walk out onto a narrow platform and then throwing yourself off into the abyss….easy! So many children pushed themselves to take on the infamous task and each and every one of them survived! YEY! More high ropes, archery and bush craft took up the rest of the day, before it was back to rooms to get D..I..S..C..O ready! Wonderful outfits, fun and laughter filled the evening and of course, a teacher-student dance off! Nice try Mr Lecrass, but Will and Callum definitely had you beat!

Friday – Still soggy and in our last pairs of socks, yet still smiling and excited, the children all headed up onto the moor to put their weaselling super-powers into action! Not tight spaces, solid rock nor copious amounts of fresh sheep poo could deter this boogle of weasels (yes apparently that’s what it’s called!) from conquering even the tiniest tunnel. Beautiful views over the moors and of an oncoming storm were our final sights on yet another amazing year 6 camp!

WELL DONE YEAR 6 – every member of staff commented on how brilliant your behaviour was and how you pushed yourselves to your limits. We are all so proud of you!

Some thoughts on camp from year 6:

Tyler – Camp taught me that I can do things, even if I think I can’t at first, and that I’m much braver than I think!

Sam – Being away from my family made me appreciate just how much they do for me!

Jack H – One piece of advice would be to TRY EVERYTHING even if you don’t think you’ll like it because you probably will!

Issac – The funniest moment on camp was when we were gorge scrambling and me shoe came off and disappeared down the current – luckily an instructor saved it!

Chloe – I’d recommend camp because you make ever-lasting memories through trying new activities – the best moments of my life have come from camp.

Summer – One thing I loved was having room inspections every night – we created a tour and performed solos to try and win the competition!

Year 2 Blog

The Great Fire of London

The children in year 2 have been working extremely hard during the past 2 terms to build up their knowledge of the Great Fire of London. They have researched their own facts, both at home and in school, have written a non-chronological report about the event and are now working on a presentation that encompasses all of their knowledge.

The children worked in pairs to construct the fact that they wish to say and have worked on how they wish to present it. Lots have chosen to include actions which is amazing! We spoke about Oracy rules and looked at news presenters to gather inspiration. The children have rehearsed their fact in front of their group and in front of the class. They did very well and all showed great confidence and Oracy skills.

We can’t wait to video the presentation on Monday with the green screen!

Well done to all children in year 2- we are so very proud of you for taking pride in this project.


Year 1

St. Stephen’s Church

The children had a fantastic time walking to St. Stephen’s Church (despite it being mostly uphill). They enjoyed soaking up the sunshine and thinking about what they would learn.

When the children arrived at the church they had the opportunity to explore and search for symbols that they may not have seen before. After that, they were taught the meanings behind symbols and objects of the church and why they are important to Christians. This included the bible, the cross, the font, kneelers, candles, doves and many more.

The children were taught about different ways that Christians and other faiths pray to God. Then they were able to take time and pray themselves. They did this through song, dance and throwing balloons into the air. They enjoyed it very much and were very grateful to take their balloons home.

Mrs Lewis and I were incredibly impressed with how well behaved and well-mannered the children were throughout the trip. They were so respectful of others beliefs and listened very carefully. We would also like to say thank you to the parents/carers who joined us, we really appreciate it.

Keep working hard Year One, you’re doing amazing!








Year 5

Year 5 kicked off our new topic with a bang on the first day back of term.  The children looked fantastic in their medieval costumes and made a huge effort with their homemade props!



We set the scene of our topic ‘Medieval Britain’ by randomly picking children to be higher in the hierarchy of the year group (Lord/Lady, Nobles, Knights and Pages). Children who were unlucky, were treated as peasants during our Medieval banquet: sitting on the floor, serving trenchers (a medieval snack) to their superiors and even cleaning up whilst the nobles stood and watched. The children tasted traditional gingerbread, stewed plums and Wensleydale cheese, which were all enjoyed back in the medieval period.



We then put our heraldry skills to the test where the children created their own shields with a medieval design, thinking carefully about the symbolism of colours, shapes and animals to suit their personality, family and achievements.



In the afternoon, the children thoroughly enjoyed apple bobbing on the field and being put in the stocks!



The topic has certainly got off to a bang and we have some exciting learning planned including working with Matt Jeanes on a visual timeline in the style of the Bayeux Tapestry and making a model of a trebuchet (war catapult).

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