Writing in Year 3

We have been busy in Year 3 so far this term. In our Writing lessons, we have been writing a journey tale based on our Model of Excellence, The Moon-Catcher. Our focus has been on the setting description which we wrote, edited and improved, then wrote out in our neatest handwriting.
Here are some examples; can you spot the similes, simple sentences and compound sentences?


Invasion and Union!

Wow, what a wonderful start to Year 4 we have had! Our first topic is Invasion and Union and we were lucky enough to have a visit from a real-life Viking!! Olf arrived to tell us all about the Vikings and we were ready with our outfits and shields.

During the jam-packed day we learnt about the travels of the Vikings, about some of their greatest warriors and witnessed a Viking burial (poor Miss McCusker was the slave sacrificed to accompany the Queen!).

We also learnt lots about the different types of weapons the Vikings used and got to feel various animal skins to really understand what life was like during these times.

In the afternoon, we spent time learning about different weapons, dressed up in chainmail and helmets and ended up in a fierce shield battle!


Our Trip to Noah’s Ark

Last week we went on a fantastic adventure to Noah’s Ark Zoo Farm. We have been learning a lot about different animals and how they survive. We have been discussing the animals that use camouflage and why they need it. The children made their very own camouflage pictures and they are incredible! The children were very excited about seeing the different animals and they did lots of noticing and exploring. It got a little bit hot on our trip so we decided to have a little dip to cool down and the children loved it!



Zachary – “At Noah’s Ark we found lots of animals. There was a rhino, a lion, a giraffe and even a baby giraffe. It was so good”.

Max – “At Noah’s Ark we found an elephant. I saw a zebra and it was just like our camouflage pictures”.

Bradley – “At Noah’s Ark Zoo Farm I liked seeing the tigers, giraffes and zebras because I liked seeing their skin patterns.”

George – “At Noah’s Ark I liked the bears because they looked really black and I thought they were really cool and I liked their paws.”



Sofia – “I made a giraffe! No one can really see it because its camouflaged with yellow and brown spots”.

Florrie-Belle – “We cut it out so that you couldn’t see it; so it was camouflaged.”

Can you find a giraffe, tiger or zebra in our paintings?



Sports week!

Our sports week kicked off with a visit from the Bristol City footballer Lloyd Kelly. He told us about his daily routine and answered lots of our questions. Each year group had a go at alternative sports such as Tchoukball and street surfing and took part in a sports day. We also took part in Wake and Shake each morning which helped wake us up and prepare for the day ahead.

We have been developing our kicking and dribbling skills. With the coaches we have been learning about different passes and how to throw and catch accurately.

Year 1
We have been fantastic this week and had a brilliant on Sports day! We have all participated in Wake and Shake each morning and shown off our amazing dance moves. We have also been practising our cross country skills – we have been doing two laps of the field before every lesson!

Year 2
We have had a busy week! We learnt how to Tchoukball which was tricky at first but we soon got the hang of it. We invented our own sports which was great fun, here are some of our ideas: head ball and swimming ticking. We also participated in some team games where we had to help each other and communicate well.

Year 3
All children tried very hard when learning to shoot an arrow into the target. Getting the arrow to balance onto the bow was quite tricky! Some children hit the middle target.

We worked on our dribbling skills with Mr. Lecrass, thinking about our control of the ball.

Street surfing:
We had a great time street surfing! Everyone had a go and some children managed to ‘surf’ holding on with one hand and a few managed on their own!

With Mr. Skelton we worked on our throwing and catching skills using a rugby ball.

Year 4
On Thursday, we went to the field and saw bows and arrows everywhere. The man was excited to see us and he was very good at keeping us safe. It was really hard to do but in the end we got it! We all had so much fun! The arrow made a weird noise when it hit the target.
By Oscar Patterson, Caitlin Lewis and James Westbrook

Year 5
Year 5 took part in a number of different activities throughout the week. They were given the chance to try out Archery that they particularly enjoyed due to the fact that our class book is Robin Hood. Stoats and Adders also thoroughly enjoyed Street surfing , where after just one lesson a number of them were able to move independently. We were lucky enough to have a cricketer from South Gloucester come in and teach us a number of skills and play a game of cricket.

Year 6
During Sports Week, year 6 have tried their hand at archery and cricket and built teamwork through group relay activities. Most of our archers could now teach Robin Hood a thing or two!


Year 3!


As part of our ‘Roman’ topic, we set Deer and Bat class a problem to solve during their DT lessons. The problem related to the Romans finding themselves in an environment without the essential supply of water. The question posed was ‘How will you get water situated in the hills, down to your Roman settlement located in the valley below?
The children discussed their initial ideas in small groups based on their prior knowledge and understanding of transporting water.
We introduced the idea of aqueducts, discussing and researching what purpose they served, how they were built, and what obvious benefits they gave to the Roman people living in remote areas. Using this new found knowledge the children planned and designed their own aqueduct and discussed materials that they could use to create a working model. Once they had completed their prototype aqueducts they had the opportunity to evaluate the chosen materials. The following week they adjusted, improved and finally produced the amazing aqueducts, some of which you can see in the pictures below.





This week the children tested their aqueducts using water! Checking that they really do carry the water from one end to the other without any leaks! It was a great lesson enjoyed by everyone and the children’s aqueducts worked very well. May we also take this opportunity to thank all of the Parents who came to support us during our Year 3 and 4 assembly on Monday 19th June. We hope that you all enjoyed it.


A fun week in Year 1!

This week in English we have been very busy learning about our new story, Stanley’s Stick. We had a fantastic time collecting sticks and used our imaginations to create some amazing things out of them to use it in our story writing.



We had a great time at the music festival. The children sang beautifully and they all looked fantastic!



We introduced our new topic, Great Britain with a BANG! We created our own flags, buildings, and transport pictures and we’ve began learning the National Anthem! We are looking forward to learning all about Great Britain!



Arts Week

Last Monday saw the beginning of the 4th annual Kings’ Forest Arts Week. This year’s theme was Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and it all started with a bang as Bristol based recycling artists LitterARTI treated the whole school to an interactive, musical assembly. The children loved hearing instruments made from bicycle wheels and disused ironing boards and playing drums made from old water containers. The staff had a go as well, showing everyone that they also ‘like to move it, move it!’

Later on Monday morning, the LitterARTI then worked with Year 3 and Year 6 to create musical instruments for use in our Pop-Up Orchestra: a 60-children-strong band who make music using instruments made from scrap, junk and waste materials! They also made some wonderful sculptures of woodpeckers and bats with those classes.

Mrs. Hatton worked with every class in the school during Arts Week to make a scrap and junk collage of the school logo. It looks suitably glamorous, despite being made of old crisp packets, Easter egg wrappers and buttons!

During the afternoons, children formed mixed-age groups to create performance pieces including: dance; drama; music; and singing. The performances were all filmed by Jesse Webb so that children and parents could get a taste of the action when they watched the film as part of the exhibition on Friday.



In addition to all of that:

YR – Fox and Owl Classes made brilliant collages of their class animals, using torn up pages from magazines, buttons and other materials.

Y1 – Resident artist Matt Jeanes collaborated with Year 1 to build and decorate two fantastic rockets. Year 1 also created some beautiful prints from their own printing blocks.

Y2 – Art teacher and sculptor Vernon Jones teamed up with Year 2 to construct giant, 3D sculptures of their class animals – they look fabulous!



Y3 – Steve the Bat is set to become a school legend, such is the wonder he inspires in his observers, young and old. Deer class also cerated a doe made from cardboard and scavenged branches.

Y4’s section of the exhibition took us on a trip to ancient Egypt, with two huge, magnificent sarcophagi, made entirely of recycled materials, Year 4 also created their class animals (moles and buzzards) out of household waste.

Y5 – Resident artist Matt Jeanes dropped by Year 5 to lend an expert hand with their creation of an amazing full-size armchair and side table, complete with pet dog!

Y6 – Year 6 explored block printing this week, taking inspiration from Victorian textile designer William Morris to create multi-layered images of the natural world. Badger Class all went on a learning walk on Wednesday, photographing and collecting litter around the school. They then created anti-litter posters from the photos that they took. Both classes recycled dried up felt-tips to create ‘spray paint’ and unused SATs papers to make origami flowers.

Hare Class worked with Mr. Jones and Mrs. Pitt to make some amazing clay tiles for the school. They really honed their skills to produce work of the highest quality – well done Hare Class!

Overall, Arts Week 2017 has been a fantastic success. Thank you to everyone who collected materials, brought their creative energy along and tried something new. Suggestions for next year’s theme on a postcard please!…


Year 6


Year six have faced one of the toughest challenges in Primary School this week – Year 6 SATs! They have shown utter determination over the past months to get the best score possible, with everyone making superb progress in practise tests and exam technique. They won’t find out the results until July, but we are already so very proud of them for the way they have demonstrated incredible growth mindsets in their learning and resilience.

Cotswold Wildlife Trip

As a reward for all their hard work and perseverance, Year 6 spent last Friday at the ‘Cotswold Wildlife Park and Gardens’. In order to earn their place on the trip, every child also had to collect 20 stamps through attending extra support and reading sessions – well done to every single member of the year for meeting this extra challenge!

We had an amazing time on the day and our spirits were not dampened – even by a tremendous downpour! When we arrived, we were serenaded by the Siamang Gibbons which was a very strange noise indeed. We roamed far and wide through the park and saw white rhinos, zebras, camels, emus, porcupines, wolves, a posing peacock, and some very lucky individuals were even sneezed on by a giraffe!



Next Term

Sadly, next term is our current year six’s last at Kings’ Forest! To celebrate such an incredible journey coming to an end, we have a plethora of activities planned including: Red Cross workshops, camp, sports week, our show, leaver’s disco and finally our leaver’s assembly.

Keep an eye out for key dates in the newsletter and emails.



Year 5

For the next two terms in Year 5, our topic is Medieval Britain where the children will be finding out what life was like for peasants, Kings and Queens and soldiers. We started our topic with a BANG…literally!

Following Medieval tradition the children were given a slice of cake each, one of which contained a hidden bean. The finder of the bean became King or Queen of the day. Adder’s Queen of the day was Bryony and Stoats Sophie Jacobs. The children then got to play traditional medieval games including: racquet sports, Boulles, pick up sticks, hopscotch, marbles, skittles, stilts and javelin. They were also given the opportunity to see what it was like to be a peasant in the stocks!

When asked what they thought of the day, David responded ‘Take me back to those times! Even the stocks!’ Leah showed us her competitive side and got very excited when she started to win pick up sticks.

You can see all the fun we had below.




This week in Year 4…

We have come back from the Easter holidays with a fantastic attitude towards our learning. It’s been wonderful!

First thing on the agenda was to check on our mummified apples. As part of our Topic, Ancient Civilisations, we have been learning about the Ancient Egyptian way of life.  One aspect that was fascinating to learn about was the process of mummifying bodies.  So we decided, as no bodies were available, to try this out on our apples.  Have a look at the results below.



In Maths, we have been learning about reflective symmetry. As it was such a sunny day we decided to take our lesson outside.  Armed with coloured chalk, the children were challenged to create their own patterns using a line of symmetry.  Many great examples can be found all around the playground.


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