Children’s Involvement

There are a wide range of extra-curricular clubs available during the year at KFPS and great importance is given to extending and enriching the children’s experiences as well as broadening their horizons. The activities provide sporting, creative and social opportunities.

Clubs are regarded as an extension of the curriculum and we ask that parents encourage their children to attend. The clubs available may include Tag Rugby, Football, Knitting, Street Dance and Netball. A list of extracurricular clubs is updated throughout the year and not all clubs run for the whole year. For those clubs needing additional coaching, a charge may be made.

In addition to these activities, residential visits are organised for Y6. The experience of living and learning together alongside friends away from home is invaluable. Our residential trips away offer a wide range of activities which we cannot accommodate in the school such as abseiling, archery, climbing,  mountain bike riding and raft making.

Peripatetic music teachers also visit the school and offer a range of musical tuition, including ukulele, recorders, drumming, guitar and vocal coaching. The range of musical opportunities varies and is usually taught in blocks. In line with the school’s charging policy, there may be a charge for these lessons.


Extra Curricular Clubs

  • Please register for new clubs
  • All clubs finish at 4.15pm unless otherwise stated.
  • All children will be registered at the designated meeting point (allocated after enrolment).