Going Back in Time

  • This week Year 3 enjoyed a cold but fantastic day out at Stonehenge. The trip was organized as part of our topic, “The History of The Isles”.  The children enjoyed seeing first-hand the awesome size of the stones that we had discussed in class and were amazed that they had been moved over such huge distances.

The children also got to experience what life would have been like in the Neolithic period: making ropes from reeds; grinding wheat with stones; and building a ‘wattle and daub’ wall of the kind used to make houses. It was lovely to see both the Deer and the Bats showing how well they could work together and how they could have thrived thousands of years ago.

Miss Withey and Mr Griffiths were really impressed with the behavior from both classes. They all embodied the schools four values of being respectful, responsible, positive and kind. What great ambassadors for the school!