Our principal concern as a Governing Body and as individual governors is the welfare of the school. Our main focus is on school improvement and the raising of standards of pupil performance in the school.

The Full Governing Body (FGB) comprises of 10 Governors and is made up as follows:

  • The Head Teacher
  • Three Parent Governors, elected by parents of children attending the school
  • Four Governors appointed from the local community by the Governing Body (Co-Opted)
  • One Local Education Authority (LEA) appointed Governor
  • One Staff Governor, elected by the teaching staff
  • Additionally, the Deputy Head Teacher sits on the Governing Body as an associate Member with full voting rights.

All Governors, with the exception of the Head Teacher, are appointed/elected for a four year term of office.

In addition to the Full Governing Body, all Governors sit on one of two sub-committees covering Resources (including Staffing) and Curriculum. The Head Teacher and the Chair of Governors sit on both sub-committees.

The FGB meets four times a year, usually in September, January, May and July.

The Resources Committee meets four times a year and the Curriculum Committee meets three times a year.

If and when required, additional meetings can be called to deal with urgent matters.

Role of the Governing Body

Working with the Head Teacher we:

  • agree and approve the aims and objectives for the school
  • agree and approve the policies for achieving those aims and objectives
  • agree and approve the targets for achieving those aims and objective
  • agree and approve the policies for the management of the school

Monitor and evaluate the progress the school is making towards achievements of its aims and objectives.

Be a source of challenge and support to the Head.

Be involved in the appointment of new staff

Working with the LEA, be involved in the appointment of the Head Teacher and Deputy Head Teacher.