Helping in School

A very warm welcome…

…to Kings’ Forest Primary School. We are pleased to have you here and want to thank you for volunteering your time to benefit our children.

We want you to feel happy and comfortable in school, ensuring that your time is used as effectively as possible and that you enjoy the experience too. This leaflet should answer some of your questions.

What will I be doing?

There are lots of ways that you can help in school. This can be decided by what the class teacher needs at the time, or by using your own interests and skills in the classroom. Do discuss this with the class teacher. Some ideas could be…

  • hearing readers
  • working with groups during a lesson
  • photocopying
  • needlework
  • art
  • displays
  • cookery

…the list is endless


When can I help?

All time offered will be very much appreciated and you would be welcome to help at Kings’ Forest at just about any time during the school day. Sometimes help is needed before and after school too.

  • Let us know when you are available to help
  • A morning or afternoon is ideal but even an hour a week can be helpful
  • The same day and time each week is more helpful for staff to plan to use you effectively
  • Can’t make it? No problem, but please let us know as son as possible.

Working with children

Teaching staff will always guide you, letting you know what we would like both you and the children to do.

As an adult in school you will also have high expectations of children’s behaviour, modelling and encouraging polite language and good listening. If a child is finding it a challenge to behave, please do speak to a member of staff straight away and we will support you.

Try and ‘catch’ children behaving well and praise them – they will be so pleased you have noticed.

What about Health and Safety of children?

hedgehog-lgDBS checks
At Kings’ Forest School we are committed to safeguarding the young people in our care. You would therefore need to undertake a Disclosure and Barring system check in order to work in school. This is a very simple and cost free process that we can do for you through the school office.

Sometimes, you may find out information about other children and adults in school. It is important to remember that however unimportant, information must be kept confidential and not discussed with other people. On the other hand, if you hear or notice something that you think the class teacher needs to be aware of, do not hesitate to speak to them.

Health and Safety
You will be made aware of Health and Safety information as necessary by your class teacher. There are procedures to follow, but much is just common sense. Again, if you notice anything that you think might be dangerous to anybody in school, do not hesitate to report it to a member of staff. Please read fire procedures too.

Please contact the school office for a form if you wish to volunteer.  Thank you