Kings’ Forest Teams

The children at Kings’ Forest are actively involved with running the school.

Year 6 Captains:

Our Y6 captains are chosen as they can be trusted to take on responsibility and help with jobs around the school. They make sure that the registers are delivered on time and set up the hall for all assemblies. This is particularly important on Friday when they welcome parents to our celebration assembly.

Year 2 Busy Bees.

Year 2 Busy Bees are trustworthy and hard working. They help the teachers in KS1 with any jobs that may need doing. They can also be relied upon to help other children with their work and at playtimes if they need a friend.

Tech Team

Our school is fully wireless and we have many computers, laptops and other IT equipment. Our Tech Team make sure that all of the computers are ready for the children and the teachers to use. They keep all of the equipment tidy and in good working order. They help our IT technician, Mr Marshall, and try out new programs and software so that they are experts in their field.

School Council

School Council members are voted in by their classmates. They meet regularly and help organise large school events, often for charity. They uphold our values of Learn, Share, Value and Care and encourage others to ‘be the best that they can.’

Sports Squad

Sports squad take responsibility for all of the sports equipment within the school. They can often be found in the PE cupboard tidying up and making sure everything is in the right pace. They help their teachers organise the PE lessons and will encourage others to work hard and be a good team player.

Learning Ambassadors

Our learning ambassadors are experts in Maths and English. They help to teach other children within school. This might including helping children with their homework, hearing readers or working through some maths or English work with a buddy. They are great teachers and offer peer to peer tutoring.