EYFS Autumn Walk

Learning about autumn has been great fun.  We have studied leaves, pinecones and conkers and even met some tortoises getting ready to hibernate over the winter.  This week we left the school for our autumn walk.  We walked along the cycle path to Mangotsfield Station noticing the signs of autumn as we went.  When we arrived there we carried out a scavenger hunt, looking for different coloured leaves (there were lots of yellow and orange leaves) and for other natural objects.  We even chanted the story of the Bear Hunt as we explored.  Later we collected twigs and leaves to make a cosy home for a hedgehog.

After our walk we used the objects we collected and described them using our five senses.  We came up with a collaborative autumn sensory poem.

“In the autumn I can see the leaves changing colour.

In the autumn I can hear the leaves crunching underneath my feet.

In the autumn I can feel water from the puddles splashing.

In the autumn I can smell smoke from a bonfire.

In the autumn I can taste hot chocolate and toffee apples.”

Our children have thoroughly enjoyed their first term at school and have settled into their learning brilliantly.  We are so proud of the way they have become positive learners and can’t wait to see the progress they continue to make in term two.