Life in Year 6


This week, we have been fortunate enough to visit the Lifeskills Centre. Lifeskills aims to show children how to take personal responsibility for their own safety. The children learnt how to assess risk and cope with difficult situations by taking part in a range of realistic, interactive activities.

The children worked in small groups and were taken around the realistic “village” by the excellent volunteer guides.  Here, they experienced a number of difficult or dangerous situations. Some examples of these included understanding the safety regulations on a beach, a train track, and crossing roads. The children also learnt how to call the fire, ambulance and police service, giving clear and accurate information of the event and the location they were in.  It was brilliant to see the children working together to decide how to overcome each problem and have the opportunity to learn from their mistakes in a safe environment.


Black History Month

During this month, we have been celebrating the work of some key, influential black women and learning about their impact on both history and society today. We have learnt how Maya Angelou pursued her dream to become a writer by not allowing those who told her she could not because of the colour of her skin. We have also studied the British athlete, Tessa Sanderson CBE and discussed how she has influenced many young athletes to take part in sports today. We even tried to throw a javelin like her during our lunch time. This week, we have learnt about Malala Yousafzai and her role in fighting for equal rights for girls in education. We thought about how brave Malala was during very difficult times in her life and reflected upon our own bravery to stand up to things that we know are unfair or unjust.

Remembrance Garden

Next term, linking closely with our World War 1 topic, we will be creating a commemorative remembrance garden. We will be filling the garden with poppies and will take time to reflect and remember those soldiers who have scarified their lives for our country. We would like to thank you for all of the plastic bottles that we have received from you which we will be using to make our poppies.

Homework Club

It has been wonderful to see so many children attending homework club every Monday after school and working so hard during this time. It is great to see the children developing their learning further and asking questions to support them in securing their understanding of different topics. It has also been wonderful to see the children move on to further challenges beyond their homework to extend their understanding.