Robotics in year 5

In year 5, we have been learning about space and for our bang day (Wednesday 3rd June) a robotics company visited our classes to introduce us to robots that work in space, such as the Mars Rover. We learnt skills such as computer programming, teamwork, problem solving and following instructions to construct lego robots.

“It was a fun, creative day!” Ruby (Stoat Class)

“The best bang day so far!” Evie  (Adder Class)

“It was a magnificent day.” Morgan  (Stoat Class)

“It was a great unique day to introduce us to space.”  Jack. A  (Adder Class)

First, we built our robots following online instructions. Once we had a completed robot we programmed it to complete several missions on Mars. During the day, we collected various points for each unique mission if it was completed successfully; if we got back to base we had double the points! We finished the day with a certificate for the highest scoring team.

Year 3 on Blue Peter

This week some Year 3 children went to BBC Bristol to help make a pond for their garden. They had to pick small rocks and stones out of the bottom of the pond so that the lining wouldn’t snag, help roll out, cut and place the lining and learned about the different plants that would be put into the pond.

We were invited by the BBC to take part in one of many activity days they are running to transform the space in front of the broadcasting house into a wildlife garden. The BBC are working with Avon Wildlife Trust as part of the new My Wild City campaign which aims to inspire people to make homes for wildlife in the city.

During our visit we made bird feeders using apples and sunflower seeds, pine cones and cheese. We were taught about British birds by TV presenter David Lindo and explored the area to see which birds we could find.