Medical Matters

If a child becomes ill in the school day or has an accident, every effort will be made to contact the parents to arrange for the child to go home. It is essential that contact numbers, which can change, are kept up to date in the school office. The Headteacher/Deputy Headteacher acts in ‘loco parentis’ and is able to authorise medical treatment in the absence of a parent/carer.

Parents should inform the school of any medical information when their child is admitted to school. Each year this information will be updated. Parents will receive a new contact form in September.

When pupils are taking medicines as part of a course of treatment, the medicine should be brought to school and handed in to the school office, where a medical form will need to be completed and signed by a Parent or Carer requesting permission for the office staff to administer medicine.  The office staff have all received the appropriate training to administer medicine. Only prescribed medicine in the original packaging will be accepted. The medicine must be labelled with the pupil’s name and dosage instructions. Children with asthma keep their inhalers in their classroom.  . They also need to be changed regularly as they go out of date.

We do not inspect hair for lice but we do ask that parents are vigilant at all times and treat any infestation. Regular combing at bedtime and the use of conditioner and a head lice comb at bath time will greatly reduce the chances of head lice. We ask children with long hair to tie it back to reduce the spread of unwanted visitors. If we find that a child has head lice at school we may ask parents to collect them and treat the hair immediately.  Children must be treated with the necessary lotion, available from pharmacies, before they can return to school.  it would be helpful if parents informed us of any incidents of infestation, so we can advise parents in your child’s class. We will always handle the information in a sensitive and discreet manner.

hedgehog-lgSun protection
During the summer months, please ensure your child is adequately protected against the sun by applying sun lotion before the start of the day and ensuring your child brings a named hat to school.

Serious accident or illness
If the Headteacher feels that hospital treatment may be necessary then the procedure is as follows:

Every effort will be made to contact parents
An ambulance will be summoned to school.
No member of staff will be allowed to take a child to hospital by car

Personal Accident Benefit
South Gloucestershire Council is not responsible for and does not provide personal accident benefit for pupils. Parents who require this, for trips or residential trips for example, should make their own arrangements with an insurance broker. The NCPTA runs a scheme, although this should not be seen as endorsement by the school.