Our Trip to Noah’s Ark

Last week we went on a fantastic adventure to Noah’s Ark Zoo Farm. We have been learning a lot about different animals and how they survive. We have been discussing the animals that use camouflage and why they need it. The children made their very own camouflage pictures and they are incredible! The children were very excited about seeing the different animals and they did lots of noticing and exploring. It got a little bit hot on our trip so we decided to have a little dip to cool down and the children loved it!



Zachary – “At Noah’s Ark we found lots of animals. There was a rhino, a lion, a giraffe and even a baby giraffe. It was so good”.

Max – “At Noah’s Ark we found an elephant. I saw a zebra and it was just like our camouflage pictures”.

Bradley – “At Noah’s Ark Zoo Farm I liked seeing the tigers, giraffes and zebras because I liked seeing their skin patterns.”

George – “At Noah’s Ark I liked the bears because they looked really black and I thought they were really cool and I liked their paws.”



Sofia – “I made a giraffe! No one can really see it because its camouflaged with yellow and brown spots”.

Florrie-Belle – “We cut it out so that you couldn’t see it; so it was camouflaged.”

Can you find a giraffe, tiger or zebra in our paintings?