2016 Outcomes


80% of children achieved a good level of development. This is above the national average.

Year 1 Phonics

68% of children achieved the pass mark in the phonics screening check.

Year 2 – End of Key stage 1

In 2016 children were tested and assessed against a new set of criteria to reflect the new more challenging curriculum. Children were assessed as either working at the expected standard or working at greater depth.

  Expected Standard Greater Depth
Reading 78% 25%
Writing 68% 17%
Maths 78% 26%

Outcomes at KS1 are above the national averages in all subjects.


Year 6 – End of Key stage 2

In 2016 the government introduced new, more challenging tests for children at the end of KS2. The outcomes in 2016 across the country were considerably lower than in previous years. Schools are also required to submit a teacher assessment judgement against set criteria, these judgements are based on the pupils’ learning over the whole year.

  Test outcomes Teacher assessment
Expected standard Higher standard
Reading 47% 7% 74%
Writing There is no test for writing 70% (9% greater depth)
Maths 47% 11% 72%
Spelling Punctuation and Grammar 65% 12%  
Reading, writing and Maths combined 37% 4%  

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