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CONTACT: Wendy Miles – Parental Support Adviser

Email Wendy Miles:

Our Parental Support Advisor is Wendy Miles. She is available to listen to any concerns or issues that may impact on your child’s learning or happiness in school. Her role is to provide help and support in any way that she can including sign-posting to outside services or having time to listen to your concerns.

Some examples of areas in which she can offer support are:

  • Behaviour Issues
  • Lunchtime Concerns
  • Family Circumstances affecting your child eg bereavement, parental separation etc
  • Concerns about playtimes/friendships
  • Medical/Health Concerns
  • Homework Concerns
  • Transition to Secondary School
  • Provide information about school procedures and policies

She works closely with other members of staff, particularly the school Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator (SENCO) . We liaise with outside agencies such as School Nurse, CAMHS, Educational Psychologists and Parenting Support agencies. Wendy can be contacted on the playground or through the school office so please speak to her if you think she can be of help.

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Bereavement     (Bereavement care and advice)    (Help for grieving children)      (Help for children and their families suffering from the effects of a life threatening illness or death)


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