Year 2 Blog

Achieving our goals

In year 2, our topic is ‘Explorers and Pioneers’. We have looked at significant individuals who achieved their goals and did not give up, such as Christopher Columbus and Amelia Earhart. We took inspiration from these people and have been working on goals that we wanted to achieve. We had a choice of: handwriting, sewing, running or gymnastics.

Over the past 5 weeks, each group has practised a skill that allowed them to achieve their goal. For example, the sewers worked on threading needles, the gymnasts worked on individual moves, the runners built up their stamina and the hand writers worked on their fine motor skills.

We have all worked extremely hard and we are very proud of ourselves (the adults who worked with us are too!). Throughout this term we have learnt about having a growth mindset and learning about the power of ‘yet’. This really helped us to stay positive when things got tricky.

Great job year 2, we are very proud of you all!