SEN and Inclusion

Information Report and Contribution to the Local Offer 2019/20 to comply with ‘Special educational needs and disability Code of Practice 0-25 years (June 2014)’.

Kings Forest School is an inclusive school and offers a range of provision to support children and young people with SEND. Kings Forest School aim to provide a broad, engaging and stimulating education for all our children that brings together a strong focus on learning skills mixed with knowledge through a curriculum that reflects our school and children. We believe that all children, including those identified with special educational needs, have an entitlement to access a broad, balanced curriculum and that all children are fully included in all aspects of school life.  We provide for a wide range of needs including those related to Communication and Interaction, Cognition and Learning, Social and Emotional difficulties and Sensory & Physical difficulties.

How does Kings’ Forest Primary School know if children need extra help and what should I do if I think my child may have special educational needs (SEN)?

When children enter Kings Forest School with identified SEND, we will work with the parents and professionals already involved and use the information to identify their SEN within school and how to best meet your child’s needs.

If you feel that your child may have a SEN, we will invite you in to discuss this with your child’s teacher and the SENCO. We will look at the information available to us and we will share what we discover with you and agree with you what we will do next and also what you can do to help your child.

If our staff believe your child has a SEN this may be because they are not making the same progress as their peers; for example they may not be able to follow instructions or answer age appropriate questions. We will observe them, assess their understanding of what we are doing in school and use further tests to find out what is causing the difficulty. Should we require further help we will contact the relevant SEND team through the Local Authority.

Further information on SEND local offer from South Gloucestershire.

How will Kings’ Forest Primary School support my child?

The role of the class teacher is fundamental.  All teachers provide Quality First Teaching through personalising learning, ensuring that any additional needs are supplemented.  Individual targeted pupil passports are written for those who require them.  These pupil passports are regularly reviewed and meetings are held between school and parents/carers to review targets and share progress. 

Where further support is needed, the SENCO will contact parents to discuss the involvement of the appropriate professional. 

If a child has specific needs where the teacher needs extra training, this will take place and specialists will be involved where necessary.

The school’s SEN Governor is Carol Warrant, who liaises with the SENCO and reports to the Governors annually.

How will the curriculum be matched to my child’s needs?

All our staff are trained to differentiate lessons so that every child is able to learn at their own pace and in their own way. We will make or provide any additional resources required.

We use interventions or additional materials so that the child’s needs are met and every child is making good progress.

Our interventions include: Read Write Inc 1:1 phonics tutoring sessions, Language Steps, Socially Speaking, Catch up Literacy, Catch up Mathematics, SMART moves, Sand Tray Therapy, Zones of Regulation, 1:1 Speech and Language sessions. Where there is a specific need, we endeavor to match a suitable programme of intervention to meet it.

How will both you and I know how my child is doing and how will you help me support my child’s learning?

We believe in pupil and parent voice, so both you and your child will be involved in all decision making about your child and any support that they receive.  When we asses SEND we discuss this with you to determine whether your child’s understanding and behaviour are the same at home and school; we take this into account and work with you so that we are helping your child in the same way to make progress.

We will write and review a Pupil Passport or strategy plan for every SEND child. A Pupil Passport will give small targets and monitor the progress your child is making. These will be reviewed at least 3 times a year by your child’s class teacher and we will discuss with you the next steps of support for your child.  A strategy plan will highlight the additional information that a teacher may need to meet the needs of a child with a medical condition or physical needs.

We welcome parents/carers contacting the school to make an appointment to meet with the teacher/SENCO if they would like to discuss any concerns with the class teacher/SENCO.  We will also contact parents/carers to arrange meetings if we feel this is necessary.

A school report is issued once per year and parents’ evenings are held twice per year.

Parents of a child with an EHCP will be invited to an annual review where EHCP targets will be discussed and reviewed.

What support will there be for my child’s overall wellbeing?

We are happy to administer medicines that are required during the school day as long as a medication form is completed and given to the school office. Medicine should be brought in to school daily and collected again from the school office. This is in line with our Managing Medical Needs policy.

All children, as well as those with SEND, will have the opportunity to take part in social and emotional wellbeing groups if deemed necessary. These include; Time to Talk, Socially Speaking and Sand Tray Therapy.

We have a family support worker. She is available to listen to any concerns or issues that may impact on your child’s learning or happiness in school. Her role is to provide help and support in any way that she can including sign-posting to outside services or having time to listen to your concerns.

We have access to the School Nursing Service and Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service (CAMHS).

What specialist services and expertise are available at or accessed by Kings’ Forest Primary School and how do you all work together?

We are able to access support from the local authority services such as SEND specialists, Educational Psychologists, Speech Therapists, Occupational Therapists, Inclusion Support Officers, CAHMS, Physiotherapists, Hearing/Visual Impairments specialists and the School Nursing Service.

We employ a private speech and language therapist to screen children and work with individuals.

What training has the staff supporting children with SEND had or are they having?

The school SENCO is fully qualified and collaborates with schools in the NEXUS teaching schools alliance to form best practice.

The school has links with outside agencies to ensure appropriate training is provided for staff working with children with SEN.  Staff have recently received training in speech and language, Team Teach (positive handling), understanding autism, bereavement and trauma, Makaton, emotional regulation, sensory support, better behaviour project and forestry skills.

How will my child be included in activities outside the classroom, including school trips?

We have a wide variety of after school activities which are open to all children. We have a breakfast club and after school club that is run by members of staff, which is open, by arrangement and application, to all children.

The school offers regular educational trips as well as visitors to school to support topic learning.  The school assesses the risks for individual children and parents/carers are invited to join and support the school and their child on trips and visits.

How accessible is the school environment?

Kings’ Forest Primary School is committed to providing an environment that enables full curriculum access that values and includes all pupils. Please see the school’s accessibility plan.

How will Kings’ Forest Primary School support my child to join the school, transfer to a new setting or for the next stage of education and life?

Children entering Kings’ Forest Primary School in our reception classes, have the opportunity for a home visit from their class teacher and teaching assistant. We receive information from pre-schools to assist with transition.  Information will be gathered regarding any SEND and any necessary support will be put in place upon entry. Additional visits are encouraged for any child who may find transition difficult.  Meetings will be arranged for those children already known to Early Years SEND services to make school aware of their needs to ensure correct support is in place.

If your child is moving to another school, we will contact the new school SENCO and ensure they know about any special arrangements or support that your child may need. We will pass on all records about your child to their new school as soon as possible.

When children move on to secondary school we will speak directly to the SENCO for their new school to ensure continuity of support. We will support your child by focusing learning on the transition and the understanding of changes happening. Where possible we will arrange an assisted transfer which can involve extra visits to become familiar with the buildings and staff.

When children find transitions between year groups difficult, we will arrange for extra time with their new teacher.  We will create a photo book from pictures of their new class room and teachers in order to prepare the child for the changes.

How are the school’s resources allocated and matched to children’s SEN?

Schools receive funding for all children including those with special educational needs and disabilities and these needs are met from this (including equipment). The school assesses a child’s needs in partnership with specialists to decide what support and equipment might be needed. The local authority may contribute funding if the cost of meeting an individual child’s needs is more than £6,000 a year.

If the assessment of a child’s needs identifies something that is significantly different to what is usually available, there may be an additional funding allocated. If so, parents may have a say in how some of it used, in partnership with schools and specialists. You will be told if this means you are eligible for a personal budget and this must be used to fund the agreed plan.

How is the decision made about what type and how much support my child will receive?

Quality First Teaching is the first step in responding to children who may have or have SEN.  There is an ongoing cycle of assess, plan, do, review.  From this, the teacher will use interventions to support classroom teaching.

If progress is still not as expected, despite a suitable period of appropriate and effective support and interventions, then a specialist will become involved.  The impact of this advice will be monitored and reviewed.

If progress is still not being made, despite ‘relevant and purposeful’ action, then we will consider requesting an Education, Health and Care (EHC) assessment.  This process will take a minimum of 20 weeks to implement.  More information on an EHC assessment can be found here.

Throughout this process, parents will be involved.  Meetings with the school will be held and the SENCO and other external agencies will be involved as appropriate.

How are parents involved at Kings’ Forest Primary School? How can I be involved?

We work in partnership with parents/carers to establish the support a child needs.

We will discuss with you whether your child’s understanding and behaviour are the same at school and at home and will take this into account when determining how to help your child make progress. We have a range of ways in which you can communicate with us and we encourage you to make an appointment for a chat. In some cases, we make an arrangement with parents to have a home – school link book to support your child’s learning.

We hold review meetings for children with SEND. Teachers and parents are encouraged to hold as many informal meetings as are necessary to help progress your child’s learning. Where appropriate, we hold a formal annual review where you are expected to attend and give your views.

We have an established PTA and actively encourage parents to volunteer in the school. We welcome ideas from parents and look to implement any activities that will support and help the children.

We set homework weekly to repeat and practise activities that are new and present an achievable challenge for the individual child.

Who can I contact for more information?

For the first point of contact, please ring the school on 01454 866466 or email and your message will be forwarded to the appropriate member of staff who will contact you as soon as possible.

What do I do if I am not satisfied with a decision or what is happening?

Your first point of contact is the class teacher or SENCO. Explain your concerns to them first. If you are not satisfied that your concern has been addressed, speak to the head teacher.  Following that ask for the school Governors representative. The school will provide you with a copy of the complaints policy on request.