Year 6 Blog

Visit to M-Shed

This week, Year 6 were lucky enough to visit the M-Shed museum and take part in a workshop based on how the lives of people in Bristol were impacted during World War One. We explored sources from the past such as photographs and postcards as well as artefacts such as bomb shells and thought about what this told us about life during this time. We were even able to dress up as people from the era and learnt about their roles in society.

We were particularly interested to find out more about conscientious objectors who chose not to fight in war, even when conscription was introduced in 1916. We learnt about how they were sent to prison for refusing to fight and were often given the white feather by people as they were believed to be cowards.


After learning about the lives of many different people during this time, the children put on a short sketch to demonstrate how the lives of people were affected both during and after World War One. The children were extremely creative with these sketches and demonstrated fantastic knowledge and understanding of the lives of people at this time.

We then enjoyed a visit around the museum and managed to find lots of different things linked to our topic. We were particularly interested in the display which was all about the Suffragettes. We found out about the many different ways in which they fought for their rights.