Year 4 Blog

Year 4 have settled in well at the other end of the corridor and are embracing all that Year 4 brings. We have started our new topic of Communication and have begun right at the very beginning focusing on how people communicated during the Stone Age. We were aware of the children’s prior knowledge from Year 3 so we decided to draw upon that and give them a new experience. They have worked hard to understand how cave paintings were used to communicate and were able to re-create an important hunt scene for themselves. They’ve practiced the skill of line drawings alongside using a new tool to engrave their designs onto slate tiles.


We are looking forward to exploring another material used to paint during the Stone Age. Next week, we will attempt to replicate their cave paintings using paint made from crushed berries.

Miss Blake and Miss Elliot have been very impressed with the children’s effort and attitude towards their new learning and long may it continue as we travel through the history of communication to modern day technology!