Year 4 Blog

Year 4 have made a fantastic start back after Christmas, full of excitement for their new topic “Childhood and Education”. We will be learning about Education throughout history, beginning in prehistoric times and travelling right through to the modern day. We will also be looking at how schools differ around the world, and there are exciting plans afoot for some international communication – watch this space!

As an introduction to the Ancient Greek education system, Year 4 spent the morning today experiencing life as an Ancient Greek child. This involved splitting Mole and Buzzard classes into boys and girls, so that the children gained an understanding of the reality of a split education system. Girls learnt weaving and general household tasks, whilst boys experienced rote learning of poetry, sport and philosophy. All children found the morning a real insight into the unfairness of the Ancient Greek era!

Over the next few weeks, we will be moving forward through history and looking at education through the Roman Empire and then the Middle Ages. The children are very much looking forward to this, and we are looking forward to seeing some more of their fantastic work!


“I don’t think it was fair because the girls didn’t get to go to school but the boys did in Ancient Greece.”  – Isabelle

“It was fun for the morning but I wouldn’t want to experience it for my whole life.” –  Summer

“Mr Lecrass was looking for the best of the best in sport because that’s what they did in Ancient Greece.” Finlay