Year Five Blog

As the school year draws to a close, the blog is a welcome opportunity to reflect on a successful year and an exhilarating final term. Since the excitement of Sports Week, Year 5 have been focusing on some interesting project work and some topic related writing.

In reading, we completed Michael Morpurgo’s ‘real history’ of Robin Hood, Outlaw. The children loved his intense dramatization of this Medieval legend and enjoyed witnessing Robin and his outlaws rebel against the evil Sheriff of Nottingham.

Our writing outcome this term has been a ‘rags to riches’ tale set in the Medieval period. There was much enthusiasm for creating a storyline in which the main character overcame adversity and was rewarded with a happy ending. Many of these thrilling stories featured peasants fulfilling their dreams or escaping their cruel lives in the feudal system, an aspect of our history learning which many of the children have found fascinating. The published stories look fantastic on their tea stained scrolls and the tales themselves are very high quality; we are very proud!

Another topic related project this term has been to build a working model of a Medieval trebuchet out of wood. They have enjoyed honing their designing, sawing, drilling and glue-gunning skills. The children have really impressed the staff with their excellent conduct with regard to safety. They have also shown off their brilliant growth mind-set, working well in small teams to overcome challenges and improve their designs as they have gone along.

Mr. Jeanes has been leading our art sessions all year, with great results. Year 5 have been working in groups to represent ten of the most significant events in the Medieval period, producing some superb results using mixed media.

This week saw the Year 5 Stepping Up Assembly. It was a wonderful event and a fitting way to mark this important milestone in the children’s lives. We were so proud of the readers and singers who made it such a special occasion and we loved seeing the children receive their ties from the current Year 6 pupils. Thank you to everyone who attended for supporting the children and we hope you have a fabulous summer!