Year 2 Blog

The Great Fire of London

The children in year 2 have been working extremely hard during the past 2 terms to build up their knowledge of the Great Fire of London. They have researched their own facts, both at home and in school, have written a non-chronological report about the event and are now working on a presentation that encompasses all of their knowledge.

The children worked in pairs to construct the fact that they wish to say and have worked on how they wish to present it. Lots have chosen to include actions which is amazing! We spoke about Oracy rules and looked at news presenters to gather inspiration. The children have rehearsed their fact in front of their group and in front of the class. They did very well and all showed great confidence and Oracy skills.

We can’t wait to video the presentation on Monday with the green screen!

Well done to all children in year 2- we are so very proud of you for taking pride in this project.