Year 1

St. Stephen’s Church

The children had a fantastic time walking to St. Stephen’s Church (despite it being mostly uphill). They enjoyed soaking up the sunshine and thinking about what they would learn.

When the children arrived at the church they had the opportunity to explore and search for symbols that they may not have seen before. After that, they were taught the meanings behind symbols and objects of the church and why they are important to Christians. This included the bible, the cross, the font, kneelers, candles, doves and many more.

The children were taught about different ways that Christians and other faiths pray to God. Then they were able to take time and pray themselves. They did this through song, dance and throwing balloons into the air. They enjoyed it very much and were very grateful to take their balloons home.

Mrs Lewis and I were incredibly impressed with how well behaved and well-mannered the children were throughout the trip. They were so respectful of others beliefs and listened very carefully. We would also like to say thank you to the parents/carers who joined us, we really appreciate it.

Keep working hard Year One, you’re doing amazing!