Year 5 blog

Year 5 have made a wonderful start to our new topic, all about Trade and Industry. The children began exploring the concept of trade by discussing what it might be like to be sold as a slave in Bristol during the 19th century. The children really enjoyed empathising with how individuals might have felt, what they would have seen, smelt, heard and even tasted in the air…

We have also begun to really delve into solubility in Science! Can oil really be insoluble if it is a liquid? How can we separate a mixture of sand, paper clips, salt and water? Year 5 will use their scientific knowledge to carry out practical investigations and analyse their results to answer these key questions with clarity and understanding.

In Maths and English, Year 5 have been incredibly busy deepening their understanding of mixed number fractions and creating amazing setting descriptions using ambitious expanded noun phrases and personification to describe an industrial scene from many years ago.

We are incredibly excited about the amazing learning experiences Year 5 will be having this term and look forward to sharing these with you!