Year 5 Blog

Ever wondered where your coffee comes from? Year 5 finished last term with fantastic explanation texts on how coffee is made.   We certainly worked hard researching, writing and designing our published pieces.  These included information on where coffee beans grow, how they are harvested and the most popular ways to drink coffee.  We were all proud of our efforts.

Year 5 have also been great scientists.  We have been developing our scientific knowledge and skills by designing and conducting fair tests.  We investigated whether water temperature had an effect on the dissolving of sucrose (sugar) in smarties which led to some surprising results!


We particularly enjoyed our latest experiment where we used blueberries to dye t-shirt material for different lengths of time to see if it affected the absorption of pigment (colour). This was inspired by our Americas topic including the Native Americans who used fruits and vegetables to dye their clothes, tepees and wigwams.


In our topic lessons, year 5 have been focusing on blues music and its influence on modern day music.  We will soon be writing our very own song in the style of the 12 bar blues.  In art with Mr Jeanes, Year 5 produced beautiful pieces of artwork based on landscapes using colour swatches, which have now been framed ready for display.

Year 5 certainly have had a marvellous start to Term 2!